Exercícios sobre voz passiva em inglês - Passive voice

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1. Complete os diálogos usando a voz passiva. Veja o modelo:

A: Has anyone repaired the dishwasher?
B: Yes, it has just been repaired(just - repair)

A: Has anyone repaired the dishwasher?  
B:  No, it _______________________(not yet - repair)

A: Have you thrown those old love letters away?
B: I don’t remember but they ___________________ (should - not – throw away) in my opinion. 

A: Your cat doesn’t look well.
B: You’re right. It doesn’t. It should  ______________________(take) to  the vet. 
A: Have they sold their old car?
B: I think it _________________________ (could – sell) if it didn’t cost so much!            
A: Why didn’t she come to your party?
B: Because she ____________________________ (not – invite)

A: Do they include service in the bill?
B: Yes, service  _________________________ (include)  
A: Will  they  postpone the meeting?
B: I’m sure the  meeting ________________(postpone)

A: Can we leave our bicycles in the driveway?
B: No. Bicycles ________________________________ (leave) in the driveway.

A: Are they paving the street?
B: Yes, the street _______________________(pave)

A: Were they serving dinner when you arrived?
B: Yes, dinner _______________________ (serve) when I arrived.

A: Were you late for dinner? Had they served dinner when you arrived?
B: No, I wasn’t late. Dinner  _________________ (not- serve) when I arrived.

A: Did they have to postpone the meeting?
B: Yes, the meeting ___________________(postpone)


a) No, it hasn’t been repaired yet. 
b) I don’t remember but they shouldn’t be thrown away, in my opinion.  
c) You’re right. It doesn’t. It should be taken to the vet. 
d) I think it could be sold if it didn’t cost so much!         
e) Because she wasn’t invited. 
f) Yes, service is included.  
g) I’m sure the meeting will be postponed.
h) No. Bicycles can’t be left in the driveway.
i) Yes, the street is being paved.
j) Yes, dinner was being served when I arrived.
k) No, I wasn’t late. Dinner hadn’t been served when I arrived.
l) Yes, the meeting had to be postponed.

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