Adjetivos e advérbios em Inglês | Exercícios

Exercícios sobre advérbios de frequência em inglês - com respostas
Adverb and adjective exercises with answers
Exercícios sobre ADJETIVOS na forma COMPARATIVA

a) His daughter is ___________ .
(love - lovely - lovelily)

b) I can’t study in a ___________ place.
(noisy - noisyly - noisily)

c) I didn’t sleep __________ last night.
(good - goodly - well)

d) My backpack is ____________ than hers.
(big - bigger - the biggest)

e) Antarctica is ___________ place on earth.
(cold - colder - the coldest)

f) The yellow shirt is _____________ than the red one.
(expensive - more expensive - the most expensive)

2. Analise as frases e marque as alternativas incorretas.

a) He lucky passed the diffcult exam.
b) They all got good grades on the test.
c) Mr. and Mrs. Miller were very friendly to us.
d) We have to be quiet in the library.
e) The weather was perfect yesterday.
f) Grace went to school early in the morning.
g) He got up lately this morning. 
h) This vegetable soup tastes too salty.
i) This coat is the cheapest one in the store.
j) My painting was the worst than Lisa’s.
k) He’s the most important person in my life.
l) These shoes are the lightest ones in the store.

3. Complete as frases com: early, angrily, fast, loud, perfect, politely.

a) I dropped Jim’s cell phone. He shouted at me ______________ .
b) People are walking _____________ on the sidewalk.
c) The television is very _______________ .
d) Mark is kind. He is speaking ______________ to the old lady.
e) The girl’s English is ________________ .
f) The ______________ morning sunshine was bright

4. Complete as frases com a forma comparativa ou superlativa dos adjetivos.

a) Mt. Everest is ___________ (high) mountain in the world.
b) David ran _________ (slowly) than Logan did.
c) The final exam is ___________ (important) test of the year.
d) Anna is girl ___________ (pretty) in the class.
e) My computer has a ____________ (wide) screen than yours.
f) I am feeling ____________ (good) than yesterday.

5. Reescreva as frases corrigindo as partes sublinhadas.

a) She is a well figure skater.
b) He got the lower score in his class.
c) I went to bed late than my parents.
d) The pianist played beautiful.
e) Glass breaks more easy than plastic.
f) The dog is quick running up the hill.

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