1 de outubro de 2016

Atividades com tirinhas do Garfield em inglês

1. Check the best alternatives to answer the questions about the comic strip. 

a) Which part of the sentence from the comic strip makes us believe that Jon is going to read a fairy tale aloud? 
[   ] "This sounds familiar" 
[   ] "Once upon a time there was... "

b) Which house do you think Jon refers to? 
[   ] His own house. 
[   ] The house from the story he is reading. 

c) Who are the real fat cat and the happy dog? 
[   ] Garfield and Oddie. 
[   ] Characters from the story. 

d) Why is Jon angry? 
[   ] Because he is tired of reading stories aloud. 
[   ] Because Garfield and Oddie have ruined his morning. 

e) Look at Jon's facial expressions in the first and second panels and compare them to the one in the last panel. What can you notice? 
[   ] In the first and second panels, Jon is focused. In the third one, he is much more upset. 
[  ] In the first and second panels, Jon's face doesn't show any emotion at all. In. the third one, it's crystal clear that he is very upset. 

f) Look at Garfield's and Oddie's faces in the three panels. Do they react the same way? 
[   ] No, they don't. Garfield seems not to worry about Jon's anger, but Oddie does. 
[   ] Yes, they do. Both seem to be worried about ion's írony.

2. Read the comic strips and answer the questions. 

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a) Why is Jon upset? 

b) What will Jon do about it? 

c) Why does Jon use 'll in his sentence? 

d) According to Garfield, is Jon's plan good or bad? 

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e) Why does Jon say he is afraid? 

f) Is Garfield ironic? Explain. 

g) Which word shows Garfield's irony? How do you know that? 

h) Why does Jon want to be good enough for Liz? 

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