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Halloween short activity - Reading a spooky picture


Can you answer these questions using clues from the picture?

1. What do you think the witch is giving to the children?
sweets or treats

2. What are the children dressed up as?
a skeleton, a mummy, a witch, a ghost and a pumpkin 

3. Do you dress up for Halloween? What would you like to dress up as this year?
Child's own response

4. Have you ever been trick-or-treating before? What did you do?
Child's own response

Inglês 7ºano - EF07LI06, EF07LI07, EF07LI08 - Atividade em PDF com gabarito


1. Important, vitamins, minerals, fiber, natural, plant, phytochemicals, benefits, responsible, color. 

a) natural plants
b) health benefits
c) color, taste and smell

3. Respostas possíveis: Porque eles fornecem importantes vitaminas, minerais, fibras e compostos naturais de plantas (fitoquímicos). / Porque eles oferecem benefícios à saúde. 

a) Os fitoquímicos são nutrientes provenientes de frutas e legumes. 
c) Os fitoquímicos são responsáveis pela cor, pelo sabor e pelo cheiro de frutas e legumes.