Atividade de leitura em inglês para 7ºano (fácil)

Look and read. Write YES or NO. 

There is a monkey in the tree. (NO)
The girl has got a bag. (YES)


1. There are two green frogs.
2. The girl is wearing a green skirt. 
3. Two ducks are swimming in the water. 
4. The young boy is catching a ball. 
5. There is a spider on some flowers. 

Professor: Dependendo do nível de conhecimento de sua turma, construa, de forma coletiva, um vocabulário de apoio na lousa. Aproveite para trabalhar a prática da oralidade e pronúncia através da leitura em voz alta e a técnica de repetição. 

WRITING exercises to improve FLUENCY (B2) Story Endings

Write an ending for each of the story beginnings.

1. Joey and his father went fishing yesterday. They fished all day without catching one fish. Joey’s father decided they should move to another spot. Joey threw his line into the water. Suddenly, he felt a tug at the end of his line.

2. Mark made a big poster to let everyone know that he had lost his dog, Spot. First, he wrote Spot’s name in big letters at the top. He wrote the word “Lost” underneath it. Then he put a large picture of Spot in the middle of the poster. 

3. Our swim team has practiced very hard all summer. Today is our last race. The team who wins will be the league champion. Every swimmer has gotten a lot of rest. We all went out for a good breakfast this morning. It is finally time to leave.

4. Terry was wearing her best clothes. When she opened the door to go outside, her mother told her not to get dirty. It was almost time to leave for the school play. Terry said she would be careful and closed the door. Just then, she tripped over a big rock and fell right into a big mud puddle.

5. Tomorrow is the big spelling bee. I have practiced all week. Mom and Dad have called out words to me and I have spelled them. I get most of them right, but I have trouble with words that end in “ies.”

6. My big moment had finally arrived. I was the star in the school play. I was a queen. The curtain was about to be raised. I knew all of my lines because I had studied them for weeks. The piano player started to play. The curtain started to go up. All of a sudden I felt a little scared.

7. Yesterday while I was walking, I heard a noise. The noise was a “meow” noise. I looked down and saw a small gray kitten. I picked up the kitten then put it back down. The kitten followed me for six blocks. I did not know what to do because I knew Mom would not want another cat in the house.

8. My friend David and I decided to go on a trip together. We decided to go to France. We planned for our trip every night. We talked about where we would go and what we would do and see. We bought our plane tickets and it was finally time to go to the airport! Just then, I realized that I could not find my tickets!

Inglês 8ºano - Plano de aula - Futuro simples (will) A dream trip

3 aulas de aproximadamente 50 minutos cada.

Escrever um texto sobre uma viagem dos sonhos com o uso de estratégias de escrita (planejamento, produção de rascunho, revisão e reescrita).
Avaliar a própria produção escrita e a de colegas. 
Utilizar formas verbais do futuro para fazer previsões.
Apresentar um pôster sobre uma viagem dos sonhos.
Perguntar e responder sobre uma viagem usando o futuro (will).
Reconhecer sufixos e prefixos comuns em língua inglesa.

Produção de textos orais com autonomia.
Revisão de textos com a mediação do professor.
Produção de textos escritos com mediação do professor/colegas.
Construção de repertório lexical.
Verbos para indicar o futuro. 

(EF08LI04) Utilizar recursos e repertório linguísticos apropriados para informar/comunicar/falar do futuro: planos, previsões, possibilidades e probabilidades.
(EF08LI09) Avaliar a própria produção escrita e a de colegas, com base no contexto de comunicação (finalidade e adequação ao público, conteúdo a ser comunicado, organização textual, legibilidade, estrutura de frases).
(EF08LI10) Reconstruir o texto, com cortes, acréscimos, reformulações e correções, para aprimoramento, edição e publicação final.
(EF08LI11) Produzir textos (comentários em fóruns, relatos pessoais, mensagens instantâneas, tweets, reportagens, histórias de ficção, blogues, entre outros), com o uso de estratégias de escrita (planejamento, produção de rascunho, revisão e edição final), apontando sonhos e projetos para o futuro (pessoal, da família, da comunidade ou do planeta).
(EF08LI12) Construir repertório lexical relativo a planos, previsões e expectativas para o futuro.
(EF08LI14) Utilizar formas verbais do futuro para descrever planos e expectativas e fazer previsões.

Reading online - Short story to spend some time (A2)

Are You a Spider?

Pat, Pam, and Pete are triplets. They like creepy, crawly things like bugs and worms. Today, they are searching for a spider.
“Let’s go find a spider,” said Pat. “We can look in the backyard. I think we can find a spider there.”
“But we don’t know what a spider looks like,” said Pam. “How big is it? What color is it? How will we know when we find one?”
The triplets searched all over the backyard. Pat found something on a bush. “Are you a spider?” she asked.
“No. I’m a grasshopper. I am an insect. I have six legs. A spider has eight legs,” answered a big brown grasshopper.
Pam found something under a pile of leaves. “Are you a spider?” she asked.
“No. I’m an ant. I am an insect. My body has three parts. A spider has two parts,” answered the tiny red ant.
Pete found something on a rose plant. “Are you a spider?” he asked.
“No. I’m a butterfly. I am an insect. I have wings. A spider doesn’t have wings,” answered the pretty orange butterfly.
The triplets met on the back porch. “Did you find a spider?” Pete asked his sisters.
“No, we didn’t. But we know a spider has eight legs and two body parts,” said Pam. “Did you find one?”
“No, but I know a spider doesn’t have wings,” said Pete. Just then, Pete saw something. “Look up there!” Pam and Pat looked up. In the corner of the porch roof was a big web. Hanging down from the web was a shiny black body. It had eight legs and two body parts. It did not have wings.
“It’s a spider!” shouted Pat with a grin. “I knew we would find a spider.”