Interpretação de música em inglês para ensino médio (Enem)

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Until the philosophy which holds one race superior
And another inferior
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned,
Everywhere is war – Me say war.

That until there is no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation,
Until the color of a man’s skin
Is of no more significance than the color of his eyes –
Me say war.

And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique,
South Africa, sub-human bondage have been toppled,
Utterly destroyed –
Well, everywhere is war – Me say war.

War in the east, war in the west,
War up north, war down south –
War – war – Rumors of war.
And until that day, the African continent will not know peace.
We, Africans, will fight – we find it necessary –
And we know we shall win
As we are confident in the victory.

MARLEY, B. Disponível em: (fragmento).

Bob Marley foi um artista popular e atraiu muitos fãs com suas canções. Ciente de sua influência social, na música War, o cantor se utiliza de sua arte para alertar sobre

Texto em inglês com passado simples - interpretação (Two farmers)

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Two farmers 

Two farmers had a big horse. This was fifty years ago, when farmers used horses a lot. The horse worked in the fields in the day and slept in a stable at night. 
The horse was a big animal, and the entrance of its stable was too low. When the horse went in or out, its ears hit the top of the entrance. The horse did not like this. It got angry and often kicked the farmers. 
'What can we do about this problem?' they often asked. 
After a long time, one of them thought of an answer. 
He said, 'Let's cut away the top of the entrance. Then the entrance will be higher.' 
So they found a saw and started cutting. Their saw was old and not very good, so the work was hard. After a few minutes, a friend came to see them. 
'What are you doing?' their friend asked.
The farmers told him about the problem. 
The friend said, 'You don't have to cut the entrance with a saw. You can dig the entrance with a spade. Then the floor will be lower. That'll be easier and quicker.' 
The farmers thanked their friend, and he went away.
Then one farmer said to the other, 'That man's stupid. 
The horse's ears are the problem, not its feet.' 

1. Read the story and answer the questions.

a) Did the horse sleep in the stable?
b) Was the entrance high enough?
c) Was the saw good?
d) Did the friend have a different idea?

Avaliação de inglês sobre verbo to be e pronomes pessoais (8º ano) para imprimir

NOME:_____________________________________SÉRIE:_____DATA: ___________

1. Complete as frases com os pronomes pessoais em inglês: he, she, it, we, they .

a) Mike is ten years old.
______ is ten years old.

b) Tim and I are friends.
______ are friends.

c) Elena is a teacher.
______ is a teacher.

d) The house is old.
______ is old.

e) Carol and Pedro are from Spain.
______ are from Spain.

f) The boys are in the kitchen.
_______ are in the kitchen.

2. Leia e sublinhe a opção correta que está em negrito.

a) You're hungry. Here's a cake for you / me!
b) They're nice flowers. Let's draw it / them!
c) I'm funny! Look at me / us!
d) Mark is a good singer. Listen to you / him!
e) The tigers are scary. Look at us / them!
f) You and Lisa are dirty. Look at you / us!
g) It's a ball! Catch me / it!
h) Emma is pretty. Look at him / her!

Exercícios sobre SOME e ANY com respostas (básico)

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1. Sublinhe a opção correta (some ou any).

a) There are some / any strawberries in the fridge.
b) Are there some / any pens on the desk?
c) There aren't some/ any cats in my house.
d) I've got some / any sandwiches in my bag.
e) Would you like some / any coffee?
f) We haven't got some / any biscuit.
g) There aren't some / any pineapples.
h) Are there some / any eggs in the fridge?
i) There isn't some / any lemonade in the bottle.
j) We've got some / any money in our bag.
k) There isn't some / any ice cream.
l) There is some/ any milk in the carton.
m) Would you like some / any pizza?
n) Is there some / any cheese?

2. Complete os diálogos com some ou any.

A: Are there ________ biscuits?
B: Yes, would you like ________?
A: Yes, I'd like one, please.
B: Would you like _________tea?
A: Yes, thank you.

A: We need _______ cheese, and ________ bananas.
B: No, we don't need _________cheese. There is ________ in the fridge.
A: OK, then.

3. Speaking. Which of the following are in your partner's fridge? Ask and answer to find out. 

Sugestão: em duplas, cada um desenha uma geladeira com alguns dos alimentos abaixo para servir de informações na prática do speaking. 

tomatoes - carrots - bread - sugar - cheese - eggs - orange juice - lemons - biscuits - meat - ice cream - potatoes 

Are there any tomatoes in your fridge?
Yes, there are some tomatoes in my fridge.

Exercícios e texto com o verbo to be no presente - The present simple of be

Are you my son? 

The Prince and the Pauper (1881) is a book by Mark Twain. The book is about two boys, Tom and Edward. They are 15 years old but their lives are very different. Tom is a poor boy but Edward is a prince. They change places by mistake so Edward is a poor boy and Tom is a prince. The old King, Henry VIII, is not well but he is Edward's father and he wants to know the truth... 

The King visits the prince (or is he the poor boy?). 
King: I don't understand! Are you my son? 
Tom: No, I'm not a prince, I'm poor. 
King: Are you sure? Your clothes are not very old! 
Tom: They're not my clothes. They're Edward's clothes. He's poor now. 
King: Oh no! This is terrible! Is it true? 
Tom: Yes, it is. I'm really sorry, King Henry. 
You aren't my father, you're my King. 


1. Underline the correct option. 

a) I be / am/ is twelve years old. 
b) They be / am / are in the garden. 
c) It am / is / are six o'clock. 
d) You be / is / are a dentist. 
e) I am / is / are in the station. 
f) It am / is / are very hot. 
g) My sister am/is/are at work. 
h) I be / am / are hungry. 
i) We am / is / are students. 
j) The book be / is / are about tigers. 

2. Complete the sentences from stories with the present simple of be. Some are negatives or questions. 

a) The poor boy has no coat. He ________ cold. 
b) We are the three bears. We ________ in the woods. 
c) Cinderella is running home. It ________ 12 o'clock. 
d) Tweedledum and Tweedledee have the same parents. They __________ brothers. 
e) The monster has a very ugly face. He __________ handsome. 
f) The wicked queen is asking her mirror: ________ I beautiful? 
g) Achilles and Hector fight. They __________ friends. 
h) Robinson Crusoe has no friends on the island. _________ he unhappy? 

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