Tirinha em inglês: past simple e past continuous

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Na tirinha, encontramos a maioria dos verbos no Past Simple porque a gata descreve ações completas que aconteceram no passado como, no primeiro quadrinho, em "I had a dream about us last night, Garfield." Já no segundo quadrinho, encontramos ações em andamento no passado ("We were having a picnic, eating sandwiches") e, dessa forma, utilizou-se o Past Continuous

Usamos, geralmente, o Past Simple para falar de ações no passado. 

"A huge bear jumped out and attacked us."
"Then you sprang into action, fought him off with your bare paws, swept me into your arms and carried me to safety!" 

Usamos, geralmente, o Past Continuous para falar de ações em andamento no passado. 

"We were having a picnic, eating sandwiches."

Inglês - ensino médio - interpretação: apartheid (Mandela)

Frequently Asked Questions 

12. What was apartheid? 
Apartheid, which means 'separateness', was the practice of official racial segregation in every aspect of life. Under apartheid, everyone in South Africa had to be classified according to a particular racial group. This classification determined where someone could be born, where they could live, where they could go to school, where they could work (...). Only white people could vote and they had the best opportunities and the most money was spent on their facilities. Apartheid made others live in poverty. Black South Africans' lives were strictly controlled. Many thousands of people died in the struggle to end apartheid. 

13. What was Nelson Mandela's vision during the apartheid era? 
Mr. Mandela's vision during the apartheid era was for the eradication of racism and for the establishment of a constitutional democracy. 

Available at: <www.nelsonmandela.org/content/page/faqs>.  

Mark the correct statements about the text.

a) Under apartheid, people from South Africa were treated differently because of their skin color. 
b) Apartheid determined where, based on race, people could live, study and work. 
c) Only white people had full political rights during the apartheid era. 
d) During apartheid, everybody in South Africa was poor. 
e) Mandela was against a constitutional democracy. 

Answer key: A - B - C

Exercise to improve READING FLUENCY (intermediate)


What time do you have breakfast? What’s the best breakfast you’ve ever had? Have you ever had a breakfast in a foreign country? What did you have? What did you like about it?


1. What do you have for breakfast? What do people have in your country? Make a list of all the things you eat or people generally eat or drink.

2. Reading I
Read the article once. Which breakfast sounds the most delicious? Why? Which one would you like to try?

3. Reading II
Read the article again. Then write a name next to each description of what the person has for breakfast.
a) A banana and a Greek yogurt.
b) Olives marinated in olive oil, garlic and lemon.
c) Scrambled eggs, tomatoes and orange juice.
d) Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, tortillas and “frijol” beans.
e) Porridge with soy milk and cinnamon.

Pre-intermediate - READING COMPREHENSION exercise (Penguin Island)

Read the review about a TV series. Decide if the statements are true (T), false (F) or not mentioned (NM).

One of the best series on TV at the moment must be Penguin Island on Tuesday evenings at 7.30. Next Tuesday will be the last in the series. If you didn’t see the first five programmes, you must watch this last one! It’s a brilliant series about an island, Phillip Island, off the coast of Australia. This island is home for thousands of Little Penguins. These are the smallest penguins in the world. The penguins make their homes and lay their eggs a few hundred meters from the beach. Every day the adult penguins go to sea and swim hundreds of miles to find fish. They bring it back for their babies (called chicks) every night. The part of the island where the penguins live is very special. It is one of the few places in the world where these penguins live and it is very important to protect them. Before, there were holiday houses for Australians here, but not now. The government moved all the people away and knocked down the houses. They wanted to let the penguins live in peace. This was the first time in the world that people had to leave an area to protect the animals! Now, people can come and sit and watch the penguins on the beach. When the penguins come back with their food, they have to walk the few hundred meters to their homes. The people watch this walk. It is called the Penguin Parade! So, people can still enjoy watching the penguins, but they don’t live close to them anymore. The series has watched the lives of several penguins. On Tuesday, we will learn about Tilda, a young female chick. Will her parents come back with food or will she have to go and swim for the first time to find food? Don’t miss this incredible programme. You’ll love it!

a) The TV series has five programmes.  T/F/NM
b) The name of the island is Penguin Island. T/F/NM
c) The penguins live in special holes. T/F/NM
d) People live close to the penguins now. T/F/NM
e) The penguins are still a tourist attraction. T/F/NM

F- F - NM - T - T

Answer keys - Basic English lesson (The market)

1. Match the objects with the pictures A-F.

spices E
clothes C
carpets A
jewelry D
pottery F
leather wallets and bags B

2. Which objects in exercise 1 are in markets in your town or city?
Personal answer.

3. Read the programme information. Where is Francesco? What is his new job?
He's in Istanbul, at the Grand Bazaar.
He's a carpet seller.

Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage 

Francesco da Mosto is an Italian TV presenter. In this programme, Francesco is in Istanbul, Turkey, at the Grand Bazaar - Istanbul's famous market. His new "job" is a carpet seller but he says "I don't know anything about carpets!" His friend and teacher, Harkan, helps him. Is Francesco a good salesman?

4. Practice your speaking by answering the questions.
a) Is Francesco a good salesman?
b) Is Harkan (the Turkish man) a good salesman?

5. Read the description of a market and answer the questions.

a) What's the name of the market? Covent Garden market
b) Where is it? It's in the center of London. 
c) Is it open every day? Yes, it is.
d) What is it good for? It's good for jewelry, clothes, pictures, small shops and cafés.

Covent Garden market is in the center of London. It's is open in every day and it's good for beautiful jewelry, clothes and pictures. It's also good for small shops and cafés. It's a famous tourist attraction for visitors to London and there are people from all over the world. I'm not a tourist, I'm from London, but for me, Covent Garden market is a good place to stop and have a break.

6. Write about a market in your town/city or another town/city. Answer the questions in exercise 5.
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