Inglês básico - lição 1 - apple (very easy)

Se você estuda inglês sozinho, é fundamental ter um caderno para copiar as lições. Faça anotações e resolva os exercícios no caderno. Leia em voz alta e pratique a pronúncia e audição ouvindo o áudio e repetindo mais de uma vez. Reveja a lição no dia seguinte. 

It is round.
It is red.
It is yummy.
It's a fruit.
I always have it after lunch.
Do you know what it is?
It's an apple!


it is: é, está
it's é o mesmo que it is
round: redondo
red: vermelho
yummy: gostoso
fruit: fruta
I: eu
you: você
always: sempre
have: ter
after: depois
lunch: almoço
know: saber
what: o que, que, qual,
an: um, uma


1. What is this story about?
(Sobre o que é essa história?)

a) an apple (uma maçã)
b) lunch (almoço)

2. When does he/she always eat an apple? Before or after lunch?
(Quando ele / ela sempre come uma maçã? Antes ou depois do almoço?)

3. An apple is _______________. 
(Uma maçã é ________________.)

a) round (redonda)
b) triangular (triangular)

4. Complete as frases usando as palavras: lunch, apple, round, fruit.

a) A ball is ______________.
b) I always have sandwiches for _____________.
c) Apples, bananas and pineapples are ____________.
d) An _________ is red and round.

Reading for PLEASURE in English (comics strips)

INGLÊS no dia a dia - Don't say these 7 things to your child

1. "You should listen to adults."
Hearing this, the child thinks: "All adults are smart and good. I have to do as they say." This phrase is dangerous because the child starts to trust all adults, including strangers, and does not expect anything bad from them.

The correct phrase: "You need to listen to your parents." This helps the child develop critical thinking and a healthy distrust of strangers.

Exercício de LISTENING para treinar inglês intermediário

Sometimes, people are sick and have health problems, and they can't go to work or school. What health problems do people sometimes have?

Listen and select the correct answer for each sentence. 

1. What is the name of the school?
a) English Study Center
b) World English College
c) English Language Center

2. What is the man's name? 
a) Jacob
b) Joseph
c) Joshua

3. In what way is the man sick? 
a) He has a bad backache.
b) He has a terrible cold.
c) He has a high fever.

4. He plans to return to work _______.
a) tomorrow
b) in two days
c) next week

5. The woman is going to ______________.
a) cancel the man's classes
b) teach his classes herself
c) ask another teacher to help

Sarah: Hello. English Language Center.
Jacob: Hello. Sarah? This is Jacob.
Sarah: Jacob? Jacob? Hi. You sound terrible. How are you doing?
Jacob: Oh, I have a bad cold, and I threw up three times this morning.
Sarah: Yuck. That sounds aweful.
Jacob: Oh, yeah. Could I take today off? I think if I rest today, I'll be ready for tomorrow. Maybe.
Sarah: Sure. We'll see if we can get another teacher to cover your classes.
Jacob: Oh, that'd be great. Thanks.
Sarah: Alright. Take care. You sound terrible. Hope you're better by tomorrow.
Jacob: Ah, thanks.

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