Exercícios sobre adverbs of manner (ensino médio)

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Usamos adjetivos para descrever coisas e pessoas. 
My father is a quick runner. 

Usamos advérbios de modo (manner) para descrever ações. 
He runs quickly

Para formar advérbios costumamos adicionar -ly a um adjetivo.
slow > slowly 

Para adjetivos terminados em -y, trocamos o -y pelo -i e adicionamos -ly
happy > happily 

Alguns advérbios são irregulares. 
good > well 

Advérbios de modo vão após o verbo ou depois do verbo + objeto
She drives slowly. 
She drives her car slowly. 


1. Escreva frases transformando os adjetivos entre parênteses em advérbios. 

a) I sing very (bad)
b) The children are playing (happy)
c) Please carry this box (careful)
d) My grandma walks very (slow)
e) The sun is shining (bright)
f) Sophia plays the guitar very (good)
g) William drives his car (fast)
h) Please talk (quiet).

Texto em inglês para interpretação - Where does rain come from?

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Where does rain come from? 

Rain always comes from clouds. But where do clouds come from? How does all that water get into the sky? 

Think about your bathroom. There is hot water in your bath. Steam goes up from the hot water. The steam makes small clouds in the bathroom. These warm clouds meet the cold walls and windows, and then we see small drops of water on the walls and windows. 
The world is like your bathroom. The water in the oceans is warm when the sun shines on it. Some of this water goes up into the sky and makes clouds. The wind carries the clouds for hundreds of kilometres. Then the clouds meet cold air in the sky, and we see drops of water. The drops of water are rain.
The rain falls and runs into rivers. Rivers run into oceans. And the water from oceans makes clouds and more rain. So water is always moving from oceans to clouds to rain to rivers to oceans. So the rain on your head was on other heads before! The water in your garden was in other gardens in other countries. 

Choose a, b or c.

1. Rain ___________ comes from a blue sky. 
a) always 
b) sometimes 
c) never 

2. Hot water makes _____________ in the bathroom. 
a) rain 
b) steam 
c) walls 

3. Steam ______________ when it comes to a cold wall. 
a) changes 
b) falls 
c) makes clouds 

4. Clouds __________________. 
a) move with the wind 
b) come from cold oceans 
c) do not travel a long way 
5. Cold air in the sky is like the _________________ in the bathroom. 
a) both 
b) steam 
c) walls

Exercício de produção de texto em inglês - opinion essay about computers (básico)

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Writing skill: Writing a response
Writing task: Write an opinion essay about computers.

Use o plano abaixo para completar a resposta à pergunta: Are online games a good thing or a bad thing?


Title: Online games are a good thing
Body paragraph 1: Relax
Topic sentence: First of all, I think online games are great for relaxing.
Details: exciting and interesting, forget stress, can play in good or bad weather.

Body paragraph 2: Learn
Topic sentence: Second, in my opinion online games are great for learning.
Details: figure out puzzles, learn about science and technology, teamwork with other players

Online games are a good thing
Some people think online games are a bad thing. However, I think they are a good thing.
First of all, I think _________________________________________________________. They can be ________________________________________. 
In addition, online games can help children to ________________________. You can also play them in _________________________________________.
Second, in my opinion ____________________________________. When you play you can ______________________________. Added to that, you can ___________________________. Learning also happens through ___________________________________________________.
For these reasons, I think online games are __________________________.
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