Leitura de história curta em inglês (Drácula) Exercícios sobre verbos no Simple Past


This strange count ______  (live) in the old castle Bran in Transylvania (Romania). He _______ (build) his castle on the hill, in the middle of the forest. 

He _______ (go) to work when other people were sleeping. He always ________ (wake) up at 11 in the evening, _______ (have) no breakfast at all, but ________  (take) a cold shower and _______ (get) dressed. He carefully ________ (brush) his teeth. His teeth ________ (be) the most important for his job! 

He _______ (start) working at midnight and __________ (come) back home in the morning. He ________ (think) his job is very interesting. He _________ (visit) many homes and ________ (meet) beautiful young women. He ________ (drink) their blood. He _____ (be) never hungry when he returned back home so he never
________ (eat). By the way he _________ (hate) garlic. Count  ________ (sleep) in a coffin. 

He __________ (become) a legend all over the world. The best horror movies are filmed after him. The first movie was made in 1920. There are more than 200 movies about him. 

Can you guess his name?   D __  __  C  __  __  A .



(20 verbs: 5 regular + 15 irregular)

lived, built, went, woke, had, took, got, brushed, were, started, came, thought, visited, met, drank, was, ate, hated, slept, became

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