28 de dezembro de 2017

20 exercises to practice COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES (with answers)


Complete these sentences, using the comparative form of the adjectives given.

1) It's ____________ here than in London. (hot)
2) She's _______________ than her brother. (imaginative)
3) He's _____________ than all the other students. (old)
4) Do you think Pat is _________________ than Brian? (intelligent)
5) This school is _______________than ours. (old-fashioned)
6) The computer was __________________ than I thought. (expensive)
7) The rooms are _________________ than they used to be. (clean)
8) He's __________________than he was a year ago. (healthy)
9) Do you think English is ______________________ than French? (difficult)
10) He eats a lot - he's getting ______________ and _____________ . (fat)
11) His face was getting _____________ and ________________ . (red)
12) He was _______________ than I had ever seen him before. (angry)
13) Big cars are __________________ than small ones. (comfortable)
14) My exam was _______________ than I had thought. (bad)
15) The road becomes ________________ after four or five miles. (narrow)
16) I'm sure I'll find New York __________________ than Houston. (exciting)
17) I need to go to the doctor - this cough is getting _____________ and ____________. (bad)
18) He thinks Charlie Chaplin is ________________ than Mr. Bean. (funny)
19) Their plane ticket was _______________ than mine because they flew on a Sunday. (cheap)
20) My oldest son is ____________ than his little sister . (lazy)


1) It's hotter here than in London. 
2) She's more imaginative than her brother. 
3) He's older than all the other students. 
4) Do you think Pat is more intelligent than Brian? 
5) This school is more old-fashioned than ours. 
6) The computer was more expensive than I thought. 
7) The rooms are cleaner than they used to be. 
8) He's healthier than he was a year ago. 
9) Do you think English is more difficult than French? 
10) He eats a lot - he's getting fatter and fatter.
11) His face was getting redder and redder.
12) He was angrier than I had ever seen him before. 
13) Big cars are more comfortable than small ones. 
14) My exam was worse than I had thought. 
15) The road becomes narrower after four or five miles. 
16) I'm sure I'll find New York more exciting than Houston. 
17) I need to go to the doctor - this cough is getting worse and worse.
18) He thinks Charlie Chaplin is funnier than Mr. Bean. 
19) Their plane ticket was cheaper than mine because they flew on a Sunday. 
20) My oldest son is lazier than his little sister. 

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