6 de janeiro de 2018

Exercícios sobre MODAL VERBS com respostas

MAY, MIGHT and COULD exercises with keys

1. Escolha a opção correta e complete as frases.

a) Sophia ___________ play tennis well. She’s a good tennis player.
can - may - have to

b) You have a bad cold. You __________see a doctor after school.
mustn’t - don’t have to - should

c) Nancy ___________ play the piano when she was four.
may - should - could

d) You __________ run around in the library. People are studying.
could - shouldn’t - don’t have to

e) The light is red. We ____________ cross the street now.
don’t have to - mustn’t - couldn’t

f) You __________ walk to school today. I can drive you there.
should - must - don’t have to

2. Analise as frases, marque as alternativas incorretas e corrija-as.

a) I want to buy new shoes. I have to save money.
b) We have a lot of work to do. We have to start working now.
c) He is prepared for the test. He has to worry about it.
d) I’ll help her with the project. She doesn’t have to do it by herself.
e) You may ask me a question later.
f) You mustn’t wear your seatbelt in a car.
g) You can speak Chinese fluently.
h) You can’t make noise during the test.
i) Smoking is not good for your health. You should stop smoking.
j) The boy can’t swim. He should swim in the river.
k) The exam is tomorrow. She should study for the exam.
l) You didn’t have lunch. You should eat something.

3. Grife a opção correta.
a) The box is too heavy for me. I can’t/should lift it.
b) You should/shouldn’t judge people by their appearance.
c) Jackie is a good singer. She can/can’t sing very well.
d) If you are sick, you may/may not skip P.E. class.
e) My dad should/could dance well when he was young.
f) You should/can’t recycle plastic bottles.

4. Relacione as frases.

a) This book is easy.
b) The elevator wasn’t working.
c) My sister told me a secret.
d) The bank is closed today.
e) I can tell you the directions.
f) Exercise is good.

(  ) I mustn’t tell anyone about it.
(  ) You don’t have to ask anybody.
(  ) You have to exercise regularly.
(  ) John can read it quickly.
(  ) I must go back tomorrow.
(  ) She had to use the stairs.

5. Organize as palavras abaixo para formar frases.

a) may / You / in the music room / sing
b) get up / doesn’t have to / early / He
c) well / and I / swim / My sister / can’t
d) here / your bike / You / park / mustn’t
e) could / early / I / last night / go to bed
f) late / be / You / shouldn’t / again

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