12 de março de 2018

SPEAKING lesson plan - Intermediate students - Public transport


People in London use their bikes a lot. Bikes are eco-friendly and also good exercise. 
But in London, people usually take public transport for long distances, not their cars or their bikes. Fortunately, London has got a great underground train system. British people call it 'the Tube' and it's their favorite means of transport around London. 'The Tube' is the oldest underground system in the world. The first Tube line opened in 1863. It's very easy to use, it's fast and it can take you all around the city. 

The London Underground (the Tube)
⦁ There are 11 lines and about 270 stations. 
⦁ Today more than 3 million people travel by Tube every day. 
⦁ Only around 45 percent of the London Underground is actually under the ground. 

San Francisco
In San Francisco, people use buses, trains, ferries, streetcars (they're similar to buses but they run on electricity) and cable cars. 
Cable cars look really beautiful! They are a piece of San Francisco's history and they first appeared in 1873. The amazing thing about cable cars is that they haven't got an engine. The cars run on rails. Inside the rails there's a cable. This cable moves all the time at a steady speed. The cable pulls the cable car up and down hills and along the streets! 

San Francisco cable cars
⦁ Cable cars weigh between 7 and 7.6 tons. 
⦁ They run at a steady speed of 14.5 km/ph.
⦁ There are three cable car lines. 

Students imagine they’re going to have a busy weekend. Say, e.g. I’m going to go to a museum. Invite a student to repeat your sentence and to add another using going to. The next student repeats both sentences and adds another. Students who forget the order are ‘out’.

Read again and answer.

a) What’s people’s favorite form of transport around London?
b) How old is the London Underground system?
c) Is all of ‘the Tube’ underground?
d) What’s a streetcar?
e) How old is the cable car system in San Francisco?
f) What makes a cable car move?

How important is public transport where you live? Explain your answers.

Ask and answer about getting around your city/town. Use the ideas below.

A: What means of public transport are there in … ?
B: There are buses …
A: Do people … ?

• means of public transport in this city/town
• whether people use cars
• people’s favourite type of public transport
• why they like this (e.g. fast, easy, cheap)

PROJECT: Transport in my city/town
Write about the means of public transport in your city/town. Answer these questions in your text.

a) What means of public transport are there?
b) Do many people use cars and bikes?
c) Which means of public transport is your favorite?
d) When did it start?
e) How many people use it?
f) Does it have a name?
g) Why do people use it?


a) It’s ‘the Tube’, London’s Underground system.
b) It’s the oldest in the world. The first line opened in 1863. 
c) No, only 45 percent of ‘the Tube’ is underground. 
d) A streetcar is similar to a bus but it runs on electricity. 
e) Cable cars first appeared in 1873. 
f) A cable car runs on rails. Inside the rail, there’s a cable that pulls it along the street.

Think about it
• Pairs discuss how important public transport is to people living near your school.
• They tell you their ideas.

• Students read the questions.
• Remind them it’s important to plan their writing. Tell them to note their answers first.
• They use the Internet to download a photo to illustrate their project and to find out extra information.
• Give them time to write. Tell them to use the example about Madrid to help them start.

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