21 de abril de 2018


1. Circle the correct answer.

a) A friend who has got a car is going to drive us to the station.
b) The rooms that have the best view of the park are those at the back.
c) The students who have got exams often work late in the library.
d) The buses that stop here go to the town centre.
e) Danielle's going to stay in a hostel which is near the campsite.
f) Do you know the girl that lives opposite my house?
g) I've got some new trainers which are really nice.
h) The letter that was on the table this morning is for Peter.
i) Somebody who is in my group at college lent me this camera.
j) Kelly's going to bring a cousin who is visiting from France.

2. Join the sentences. Use who, which or that.

a) The girl who/that sings in our band is very good.
b) The man who/that teaches me the guitar is a very good musician.
c) The friend who/that gave me her guitar bought a new one.
d) The people who/that came to our first gig enjoyed it.
e) The people who/that talked to us after the gig said nice things.
f) Chalk is a kind of rock which/that is soft and white.
g) An eagle is a big, strong bird which/that eats meat.
h) A cactus is a plant which/that grows in hot dry places.
i) A giraffe is an animal which/that has a very long neck and long legs.
j) A glacier is a large quantity of ice which/that moves slowly down a valley.

3. Complete the sentences. Use who, which or that and the phrases below.

a) The hotel was near the river which/that divides the city in two.
b) We had a great tour guide who/that took us to some interesting places.
c) Every day we took the boat which/that crosses the river.
d) I bought a drum from a man who/that made lots of musical instruments.
e) I was afraid of the snakes which/that lived on the ground.
f) We visited the mountains which/that are in the north.

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