14 de julho de 2019


Ricky’s Wish
Details are parts of a story. Details help you understand what the story is about.

Ricky loved to go camping. One day during reading class, he began to daydream about camping in the mountains. He thought about going fishing and riding horses. It would be fun to gather logs to build a campfire and cook hot dogs. He and his dad could set up the tent near some big trees. He wished he were in his canoe right now. Just then, Ricky heard his teacher say, “Ricky, it is your turn to read.” Oh no! He had lost the place! 

Circle these things from the story hidden in the picture below: a fish, a fishing pole, a log for the campfire, a hot dog, a tree, and a canoe.

1. Where was Ricky during this story? 
2. Where would Ricky like to have been?

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