21 de março de 2020

Adverbs of frequency - A2 exercises to teach and learn English

Reading: compare and contrast

Read the history quickly. Answer the question. 
What animals does the cat see? 

The Smiths have a big cat, Molly. Molly is loud and playful, but always friendly and gentle. One cold day Molly sees two small, quiet rabbits in the yard. They’re cold and alone.
Molly carries the rabbits to the door and meows. They’re scared. The Smiths come out. They make a big and warm cage for the rabbits to sleep in. The rabbits are happy. They’re gentle, and Molly likes them.
Sometimes they play with Molly in the yard, and they never fight.

THINK: How is Molly different from the rabbits?
THINK: How is Molly the same as the rabbits?

Compare and contrast Molly and the rabbits. Write the words in the Venn diagram. 

Mark TRUE or FALSE. 

a) Molly is a friendly bird. 
b) It is a cold day when Molly finds the rabbits. 
c) The rabbits sleep with Molly in the kennel. 
d) The rabbits are lonely at the Smith’s house. 
e) Molly and the rabbits are friends at the end of the story. 
f) The Smiths are nice people. 


Look at the chart and read the sentences. Write (T) true or (F) false. 
(Adverbs of frequency)

a) Jim sometimes drinks milk. (  )
b) Amy never goes to the park. (  ) 
c) Roy never eats fish. (  ) 
d) Rosie usually plays ball. (  )

Look at the chart again. Circle the corrects words. 

a) Rosie usually / sometimes drinks milk.
b) Amy always / never eats fish. 
c) Roy sometimes / hardly ever goes to the park. 
d) Jim always / usually plays ball. 
e) Rosie never / hardly ever goes to the park. 
f) Amy usually / always drinks milk. 

Now complete the sentences. 

a) Jim hardly ever goes to the park. 
b) Roy ______ drinks milk. 
c) Amy ______ plays ball. 
d) Rosie ______ eats fish. 
e) Amy and Roy ________ eat fish. 
f) Jim ______ eats fish. 
g) Roy _____ plays ball. 
h) Jim _____ drinks milk. 
i) Amy _____ goes to the park. 
j) Rosie _____ plays ball. 

Complete the sentences. 

a) I _________ drink milk. 
b) I _________ eat fish. 
c) I _________ play ball. 
d) I _________ go to the park. 
e) I _________ play in the yard. 
f) I _________ fight with my friends. 
g) I _________ clean my room. 
h) I _________ help my mum. 

Look at the words. Write numbers.

1. calm
2. fierce
3. gentle
4. patient
5. strong
6. smart

Look at the picture. Complete the sentences. 

a) The goldfish is ________.
b) The man is ________.
c) The cat is _________.
d) The snake is _______. 

Read about Coco, the cat. 

My friend has a cat. Its name is Coco. Coco is very calm. It never runs around. It is very smart, too. It watches TV! Coco isn’t fierce. It never fights with other cats.

Answer the questions about an animal you know.

a) What animal is it?
b) Does it have a name?
c) Is it smart / calm / noisy?
d) What does it always / never do? 

Now write about that animal. 

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