Interpretação de Cartum | Enem (used to)

1. Read the cartoon. Which of the options does not explain the humor in it? 

a) When we say that "flying is bad for the environment." we mean that airplanes cause air pollution. 
b) "Flying" can refer to birds and planes. 
c) Birds must stop migrating because they can damage the environment. 
d) "Airplane flying" generates carbon dioxide emissions, but "bird flying" does not. 

2. Mark the option that completes the statement: In the cartoon, when one of the birds says "We used to migrate" ... 
a) it describes something that happened regularly in the past and continues to happen in the present. 
b) it describes somethinq that happened regularly in the past, but doesn't happen anymore. 

1C | 2B

Referência: Team Up - Editora FTD

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