4 de dezembro de 2017

Exercícios sobre verbo TO BE no passado (was-were) com respostas

PRESENT SIMPLE of BE - Exercises with keys

** Respostas no final **

1. Sublinhe a resposta correta.

Helen was/were in hospital yesterday.

a) These shoes was /were very expensive.
b) That shop was /were shut last week.
c) Joe was /were here last night.
d) I was/were ill yesterday.
e) We was/were very busy two weeks ago.
f) Our hotel was/were very clean.
g) You was/were brilliant!
h) My parents was/were in Italy in March.
i) I was/were very happy last year.
j) Kate was/were at home yesterday.

2. Complete as frases com was, wasn't, were ou weren't.

a) Victoria was at drama school, too, but she ______________ at my school in Cardiff.
b) Tom _____________ in Cardiff from January to April. He wasn't there in May.
c) Pedro and I were at the same school, but we _____________ in the same class.
d) Mark and Amanda were in Cardiff last year, too, but they weren't at drama school. They _______ at university.
e) The course wasn't easy. Last term ____________ very difficult.
f) I ____________ happy! I was worried a lot of the time.

** Cardiff é a capital mais nova da Europa. Foi declarada a capital do País de Gales o 20 de dezembro de 1955. Há um século era o porto mais ocupado de carvão no mundo. Hoje, as antigas docas têm sido transformadas em um complexo de restaurantes e atrações aos visitantes. Os museus, teatros e lojas proeminentes significam, o ano todo, diversão e entretenimento. Além disso, seus 330 parques e jardins colocam Cardiff entre as cidades mais verdes do Reino Unido. Em 2017, sediou a final da Champions League, o maior campeonato europeu de futebol.

3. Forme perguntas com was ou were.

you / at home yesterday? 
Were you at home yesterday?

a) where / you?
b) the museum / open?
c) Sam / with you?
d) why / he / late?
e) you / annoyed?
f) why /  the tickets / expensive?

4. Complete as perguntas com respostas curtas.

Was Nikki at college yesterday?
No, she wasn't.

a) Was her driving test yesterday? Yes, _______________.
b) Was she worried about it? No, ____________________.
c) Were you and Daniel at college? Yes, ________________.
d) Were Jackie and Lucy there? No, ___________________.
e) Was Jackie ill? Yes, ________________.
f) Was Lucy ill, too? No, _____________________.

5. Complete o diálogo com was, wasn't, were ou weren't.

A: I _________ at the zoo yesterday with my sister and her little boy. We _________there for his birthday.
B: Oh. __________ the zoo nice?
A: Yes, it __________. The elephants ___________ amazing!
B: ___________ they frightening?
A: No, they __________. They __________ just really big. What about you? Where ________ you yesterday morning?
B: I __________ at home. I ___________ very busy.


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