Exercícios sobre plural dos substantivos em inglês (plural nouns) 1º e 2º anos do ensino médio

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REGULAR NOUNS (substantivos regulares)

> Acrescenta-se S para formar o plural em grande parte dos substantivos. 
(friend - friends)

> Acrescenta-se ES para os substantivos que terminam em S, SS, SH, X, CH e Z. 
(bus - buses)

> Acrescenta-se IES para substantivos terminados em consoante + Y (city - cities) e apenas S quando terminar com vogal + Y.
(day - days)

> Acrecenta-se VES para substantivos terminados em F ou FE [tira-se o f/fe].
(leaf - leaves)

IRREGULAR NOUNS (substantivos irregulares)

> Não seguem nenhuma regra. Escreve-se de maneira diferente ou até mesmo igual. 
child - children
man - men
woman - women
tooth - teeth
foot - feet
mouse - mice
person - people
sheep - sheep
fish - fish
deer - deer

1. Monte uma tabela em seu caderno separando os substantivos abaixo. Nomeie as colunas como: S, ES, IES, VES, IRREGULAR. 

baby, boy, city, class, computer, day, dress, face, family, foot, fox, knife, leaf, lorry, mouse, pen, person, sheep, shelf, strawberry, tomato, watch, wife, wolf, woman

2. Reescreva as frases no plural. 
(Professor, explique e/ou revise as regras para os pronomes demonstrativos this, that, these, those e para o verbo to be no plural)

a) This photo is fantastic!
b) That bag is heavy.
c) This story is very funny.
d) That woman is from Chile.
e) This dress is beautiful.
f) That boy is very tall.
g) This car is expensive.
h) This knife is sharp. 

3. Complete com o plural das palavras entre parênteses. 

_________ (koala) are from Australia. They have big _________ (nose), yellow ________ (eye) and very strong ________ (foot). Their ________ (tail) are very small. Koalas eat ________ (leaf). They eat two _______ (kilo) every day. They love food! They aren't dangerous, but they're afraid of ________ (person).

________ (tiger) are from Asia. They are very big _______ (cat) with strong _______ (leg) and sharp _______ (tooth)! They don't eat _______ (leaf), they eat meat. They eat a lot of _______ (deer). They also eat _________ (monkey) and ________ (fish). They are dangerous, but they are very beautiful. 

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