Atividade Lúdica para aprender Simple Past


> Arrume os alunos em 2 grupos;
> Um aluno de cada vai à frente;
> Leia uma frase e diga: what's the question?
> O primeiro a responder corretamente faz +1 ponto para seu grupo.

Obs. para cada sentença há várias perguntas possíveis

1. I answered all the questions.
2. The dog buried the bone in the garden.
3. Jeff cleaned his room yesterday.
4. I close the door an hour ago.
5. The kids carried the boxes.
6. July and I emptied the trash.
7. We finished our home.
8. I didn't help my friend, I helped my sister.
9. They listened to rock music in the afternoon.
10. I didn't open the door, I opened the windows.
11. He packed all his shirts yesterday.
12. Mary painted the door blue.
13. We don't like to play soccer.
14. The boys phoned me an hour ago.
15. Classes started at 8 yesterday.
16. She studied French when she was young.
17. We visited grandma last Sunday.
18. We didn't wash the car, we washed the dog.
19. We watched the game on TV.
20. He worked in the hospital last year

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