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Modelo de Avaliação de Língua Inglesa | Simple Present, Present Continuous e Reading

HABILIDADES: Compreender a ideia principal de um parágrafo, focar na lógica de um argumento quando não compreendemos um fato relatado, usar conhecimento de mundo para compreender vocabulário, empregar corretamente o presente simples e presente contínuo.

Nome: ___________________________________________nº _________ série___________ Data _________
New York Street Kids Offered Choice

Mike Goodwin is a counselor at the TASS state school in Manhattan, attended by kids from housing projects in the poorer neighbourhoods of the East Village. He describes how art, yoga and being a good listener help him to distract pupils from the culture of drugs and gangs waiting for them outside the school gates.
(1) _______ It’s a melting pot, an ever-changing part of the city. It’s an artistic area, so in many ways it’s known for being liberal. The school seems to fit in well with the community, but we’re always looking for new ways to bond the two, such as internships and community service for the students.
(2) _______ It’s important to us. We went through some major incidents in the US – such as the shootings in Columbine and Virginia Tech – where teens expressed themselves in an extremely negative way, and this has highlighted the need for counseling in schools. We need to address the problems before they become too big.

(3) _______ We teach programmes in drama, music and visual arts, and try to use art as a tool to build bridges between subjects. The kids can even do yoga in their music class. […]
(4) ________ Some of them can be neglectful of their children. Others are in prison, or have disappeared completely. […]
(5) ________ As in many schools in New York, students begin to be targeted by gangs as early as junior high. Some are approached by gang members outside of school. I’d say we have about three or four funerals a year related to gang violence – not among our students but the member of their families, their cousins or siblings. This is a high-risk area and the kids have to grow up fast. […]
(6) ________ Our kids don’t have access to the after-school activities or private tutoring that more affluent kids do. Eventually they’ll be faced with college and the question of how they’re going to pay for it. But all our students are capable of good work, and we try to promote that and make sure they’re on the right track. […]
(7) _________ We’ve come such a long way: we’re now in our fourth year and we’re one of the top three schools in the area. I think it’s reflected in the students. They really enjoy being here, they’re learning, and furthermore, most of their parents feel the same way. I’m excited about where we’re going
From: www.guardian.co.uk

1) Relacione as frases abaixo com seu parágrafo correspondente numerado no texto.
a. (  ) We also encourage the kids to express themselves.
b. (  ) It’s hard work for the teachers, but then all of us work beyond our contractual obligations.
c. (  ) The East Village is an interesting place.
d. (  ) Money is a big issue.
e. (  ) If one of our kids wants to talk, we provide an ear for them.
f. (  ) I wish the kids’ parents were more involved.
g. (  ) Drugs and neighbourhood gangs are a problem. 

2) Procure no texto as frases correspondentes em inglês e copie.
a. Encaixar-se bem _______________________________________ .
b. As três melhores _______________________________________ .
c. Os tiroteios _____________________________________________ .
d. Procurando novos caminhos ___________________________ .
e. Aulas particulares _______________________________________ .
f. Procurar uma maneira de resolver os problemas __________________________________ .

3) Relacione as colunas, indicando a que as palavras sublinhas se referem.

a. “... but we’re Always looking for new ways to bond the two … “  (parag.1)
b. “ … before they become too big.” (parag.2)
c. “Some of them can be neglectful of their children. (Parag. 4)
d. “how they’re going to pay for it.” (Parag.6)
e. “… we try to promote that …”  (Parag.6)

(  ) college 
(  ) student’s good work 
(  ) the problems 
(  ) the school and the community 
(  ) the kid’s parents 

4) Coloque os verbos na forma correta. Podendo ser no present continuous ou present simple e quando for negativa estará indicado com a palavra NOT. 

a. Let’s go out. It ______________________ (not / rain) now.
b. Julia is very good at languages . She ________________________ (speak) four languages very well.
c. Hurry up! Everybody _________________________________ (wait) for you.
d. “_________________________________ (you / listen) to the radio?” “No, you can turn it off.”
e. “_________________________________ (you / listen) to the radio every day?” “No, just occasionally.”
f. The River Nile __________________ (flow) into the Mediterranean.
g. The river __________________________ (flow) very fast today – much faster than usual.
h. We usually _____________________ (grow) vegetables in our garden, but this year we _______________________ (not / grow) any.
i. A: How’s your English? B: Not bad. I think it ______________________________ (improve) slowly.
j. Rachel is in London at the moment. She ___________________________ (stay) at the Park Hotel. She always ___________________________ (stay) there when she’s in London.
k. Can we stop walking soon? I ___________________________ (start) to feel tired.
l. A: Can you drive? B: I ________________________ (learn). My father ________________________ (teach) me.
m. Normally I _____________________ (finish) work at five, but this week I ________________________ (work) until six to earn a little more money.
n. My parents ______________________ (live) in Manchester. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else. Where ____________________________ (your parents / live) ?
o. Sonia ____________________________ (look) for a place to live. She _________________________ (stay) with her sister until she finds somewhere.
p. A: What _____________________________________ (your brother / do)? B: He’s an architect, but he ____________________________ (not / work) at the moment.
q. I usually __________________________ (enjoy) parties, but I ______________________________ (not / enjoy) this one very much.


Definidas pelos países membros da Organização das Nações Unidas e por organizações internacionais, as metas de desenvolvimento do milênio envolvem oito objetivos a serem alcançados até 2015. Apesar da diversidade cultural, esses objetivos, mostrados na imagem, são comuns ao mundo todo, sendo dois deles:

a) O combate à AIDS e a melhoria do ensino universitário
b) A redução da mortalidade adulta e a criação de parcerias globais
c)  A promoção da igualdade de gêneros e a erradicação da pobreza.
d) A parceria global para o desenvolvimento e a valorização das criança
e) A garantia da sustentabilidade ambiental e o combate ao trabalho infantil.

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