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Modelo de Avaliação de Língua Inglesa | Simple Past and Reading (Santos Dumont)


HABILIDADES: Oferecer contato com texto de relevância sociocultural, desenvolver habilidade de leitura com foco na compreensão geral do texto, apresentar e oferecer oportunidades de usos de estratégias de leitura com ênfase na compreensão das ideias principais, desenvolver a autonomia do aluno e sua capacidade de inferir regras gramaticais, nesse caso "simple past", ampliar vocabulário e desenvolver estratégias de estudo sistemático, desenvolver estratégias de dedução do significado de palavras desconhecidas em seu contexto de uso. 

NOME: _________________________________ Nº __________ SÉRIE_____ DATA _________

Leia o texto para responder as questões de 1 à 4.

Alberto Santos Dumont (1873-1932) was born in Brazil and educated in Paris. He made his first balloon ascent in 1898 and soon after that began constructing dirigible airships. In 1901 he won a Paris air race and international fame. (After the race, he asked Louis Cartier for a timepiece that would keep his hands free - the first wristwatch.)
Turning to heavier-than-air machines, Santos Dumont built his 14-Bis in 1906, three years after the Wright brothers' initial flight. His flight was the first in Europe, and his plane was the first anywhere to lift off the ground under its own power. In 1909 Santos Dumont designed the Demoiselle monoplane, the forerunner of modern light planes.
In 1901 Santos Dumont fell ill with multiple sclerosis and retires from flying. He returned to Brazil in 1916. Ill and despondent over the use of aircraft in warfare, he committed suicide in 1932. 

(From "Leaders of the century", in Time Special Issue - "Latin American Leaders for the New Millenium", May 24,1999)

1) Há três parágrafos no texto. Complete as frases abaixo com o número de cada parágrafo, de acordo com a ideia principal de cada um.

a. Paragraph ____ describes the period of the inventor's life when he built a heavier-than-air machine and flew it successfully.

b. Paragraph ____ describes Santos Dumont's initial success as an inventor and constructor.

c. Paragraph _____ describes the decline of the inventor and his tragic death.

2) Complete as frases com as palavras adequadas.

When you fall _________, it is time to call a doctor.
a. youngest                b. isolated                     c. first                         d. ill                  e. in love

Balloons. dirigible airships, and (air)planes are different kinds of __________.
a. air races                b. aircraft                  c. warfare                 d. flights                   e. skies

Santos Dumont _________ on a farm near Palmira, Minas Gerais, and died in Guarujá, São Paulo.
a. was born                b. fell                            c. began                   d. built                      e. flew

When you check your ____________ you are able to tell what time is it.
a. wristwatch             b. power              c. acent                   d. hands              e. forerunner

3) Numere as frases de 1 (primeiro acontecimento) até 12 (último acontecimento), colocando em ordem os fatos sobre a vida de Santos Dumont. 

Alberto Santos Dumont

a. (   ) designed a monoplane called Demoiselle.
b. (   ) retired from flying.
c. (   ) was born in Brazil.
d. (   ) began constructing dirigible airships soon after his first balloon ascent.
e. (   ) built his 14-Bis in 1906.
f. (   ) was educated in Paris.
g. (   ) asked Louis Cartier for a special timepiece
h. (   ) returned to Brazil.
i. (   ) made his first balloon ascent in 1898.
j. (   ) committed suicide.
k. (   ) won a Paris air race and international fame.
l. (   ) fell ill with multiple sclerosis.

4) Responda as perguntas usando as palavras abaixo.

in 1910 | in 1932 | after he fell ill | in 1901 | in 1898 | soon after 1898 | in 1916 | in 1906

a. Alberto Santos Dumot was born in 1873. When did he die? ___________.
b. When did Santos Dumont make his first balloon ascent? __________ .
c. When did he begin building dirigible airships? ____________ .
d. When did Santos Dumont  built his 14-Bis?
e. When did he win a Paris air race and international fame? ___________ .
f. When did Santos Dumont retire from flying?
g. When did he fall ill? __________ .
h. When did he return to Brazil? ___________ .

5) Complete as frases com os verbos abaixo no Simple Past.

cry | plan | arrive | rob | create | try | see | have | say | come | leave |  go

a. Do you believe God _______________ the universe?
b. They ____________ home very late last night.
c. I _____________ to call you last night, but you weren't home.
d. They ____________ that Museum of Art again last month.
e. I ____________ like a baby when my dog died.
f. The South Africans ___________ for the World Soccer Cup with great care.
g. Cabral ___________ Lisbon on March 9, 1500 and reached the coast of Bahia on April 22, 1500.
h. Who ____________ "Give peace a chance"?
i. American astronauts _____________ to the moon in 1969.
j. John Lennon never ____________ to Brazil.
k. We _________ Avatar two or three times last year.
l. The United States never ___________ a king.

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