8 de maio de 2015

Avaliação de Inglês | Artigo the / a / an , verbo to be presente e passado, simple present, there is, there are, there was, there were


a. ____ Oscar Niemeyer is ____ most famous architect in _____ Brazil. ( - / the / - )
b. All _____ living things share _____ Earth. ( - / the)
c. ____ man sees ____ planet as something to conquer. That's _____ attitude of _____ modern man. 
( - / the / the / - )
d.  _____ Smiths took a tour along _____ Amoz River. (The / the)

2. Complete com A/AN ou THE, quando for necessário.

a. Oscar Niemeyer is _____ architect who still drems of _____ better world. (an - a)
b. Be ____ optimist and you will be ____ happier person. (an - a)
c. One of ____ drugs in _____ chocolate is _____ caffeine. (the / - / - )
d. ____ caffeine is _____ stimulant. ( - / a)
e.  There are ____ tables in the dining room, and ____ armchair in ____ living room. ( - / an /the) 
f. In ____ Brazil, differently from _____ United Satest, if you want to enter ____ university, you have to take ____ exam which normally takes more than ____ hour. ( - / the / a / an / an)

3. Complete com as formas adequadas de TO BE, no presente ou no passado.

a. Van Gogh and Rembrandt ______ born in Holland. They _____ Dutch. (were/were)
b. Global warming ____ the most  urgent problem facing human beings today. (is)
c. Many tropical plants ______ in danger because of deforestation. (are)
d. Winston Churchill ______ prime minister of Great Britain during the Second World War. (was)
e. Oscar Niemeyer _______ one of the architects who built Brasília. (is)


a. _____ thousands of bees in a hive. (there are)
b.  While _____ life ____ hope. (there is/there is)
c. ____ more than 9 billion people living on Earth by 2016. (there will be)
d. And soon the earth was covered with plastic bags and aluminum cans and paper plates and disposable bottles and _____ nowwhere to sit down. (there was)
e. _____ two other capitals in Brazil before Brasilia. (there were)

6. Complete as frases com uma das formas do SIMPLE PRESENT usando os verbos abaixo.

need | study | contain | smile | drink 

a. People all over the world ___________ in the same language. (smile)
b. I __________ at least five glasses of water every day. (drink)
c. We __________more laws to control the use of guns. (need)
d. Jane Goodall ________ the behavior of chimpanzees in an African jungle. (studies)
e. Chocolate __________ small amounts of three drugs. (contains)

7. Complete com DON'T ou DOESN'T.

a. We ______ need more carbon dioxide. (don't)
b. Some people ________ know how to react when times are difficult. (don't)
c. I say "I _________ have any enemies", and I mean it. (don't)
d. She always wakes up early but she _________ get up immediately. (doesn't)

8. Complete as frases com o SIMPLE PAST dos verbos entre parênteses.

a. Oscar Niemeyer ________ hard when he was young, and he still does. (to work) (worked)
b. Aeosp was a Greek writer who __________ in the sixth century B. C. He ________ the author of several traditional stories about animals, called fables. (to live / to be) (lived / was)
c. A lion ________ by a field where four oxen lived. (to pass) (passed)
d. The lion ________ to attack them, but when he came near the oxen ________ their tails to one another for protection. (to try / to turn) ( tried/turned)

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