21 de novembro de 2015

Leitura de Texto em Inglês | Verdadeiro ou Falso? Flight Attendant, more than a job!

Flight Attendant, more than a job!

I have been a flight attendant for one year now and wouldn’t change my job for all the money in the world. I love it! The flight industry has changed and flight attendants are not only women who are not married. Today men and women with families also apply and become flight attendants. After filling in an application, you must complete intensive training before you become a flight attendant. 
It’s true that flight attendants serve food and prepare drinks for passengers on planes. Some other customer service responsibilities include offering blankets, pillows, hot towels, magazines, newspapers, headsets to listen to the radio or in-flight movies and other items. In general we make sure that everyone is comfortable.
However, making sure that everyone is comfortable isn’t all we do! The most important responsibilities are safety related. Before each flight we have a meeting with the pilot and make sure that the plane is safe before take-off. Then, we make sure that everyone is in their seats and offer help to anyone who might need it like children travelling alone or passengers who are older. We check that safety items such as life vests, torches and fire fighting equipment are on board. After this we do a safety demonstration which lets people know what to do in case of an emergency. During the flight we constantly check that everything is ok and working properly in the cabin. For example, if something is not working properly, or if we something seems strange, we inform the captain.
Flight attendants are highly trained professionals and can take care of many different kinds of emergencies that may happen onboard a plane. In some situations we have to handle passengers who are ill, drunk, injured and aggressive or frightened. We are prepared to handle medical situations like heart attacks, and unexpected events like fires or emergency landings. We also have survival skills in case we land in open water, deserts or jungles! Today most flight attendants also learn self defence. 
What I like the most about my job is that you get to meet many different people from all over the world. This is why most flight attendants speak more than one language. It is always helpful when you can communicate with someone who is not from the same country you are. Sometimes when we fly into a country I get to spend some time there. When I am not working I get to travel for free!
Being a flight attendant is hard work, but we do get a lot of holidays and I really enjoy being on the ground after so much flying. However, after a few days at home, I can’t wait to be up in the air again!

Write true (T) or false (F). 
1) A flight attendant’s most important responsibility is to make sure passengers are comfortable. ____
2) Flight attendants do not communicate with the pilot. ____
3) Flight attendants have medical training. ____
4) Flight attendants always spend some time in the cities they fly to. ____
5) Flight attendants work more days than other people. ____

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