18 de novembro de 2015

Roleplays para aulas de inglês (speaking) Usando transporte público em inglês


Excuse me. Could you help me, please?
I wonder if you could help me, please?!...
Good morning/afternoon. I’d like some information about…
I need to get to…
What is the best way to get to …?
Are there buses / trains that go to … from here?
Where is the nearest bus stop / tram stop / train station?
Which buses go to …? 
Which metro line do I need for …?

How do I buy a ticket for the bus / metro / tram ?
Are there discounts for students?
I’d like to buy a return / single to …
Is that a direct train?
How long does it take?
How much does it cost? 
Can I pay by credit card?


How can I help you?
There’s a bus / metro / tram that goes to …
You need to change at …
You need to take the number … bus / the  … line  (metro)
You can buy a ticket from …
Do you have a student card?
Would you like a single or a return?
Would you like first class or economy?
The cheapest / fastest / easiest route is probably …
I’m afraid the  … train / coach is fully booked.
There are still seats available on …


Roleplay 1: you have just arrived at the airport in a foreign city. You need to get to the Hotel Ibis on the other side of the city, but you can’t afford a taxi . Speak to the assistant at the information desk and ask for help.

Roleplay 2: you need to travel from Birmingham to London for a job interview. You are a student and you don’t want to spend too much money. You want to come home the same day. Ask the assistant at the travel agent for advice and then book a ticket. 

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