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Prova de Inglês: leitura, gramática, escrita, vocabulário

Name: _______________________________Date: ____________Teacher: _______________

Class:___________________ Mark: ____ /10

Read the text.  Then do Exercise 1.

Hi! I’m John and I’m 13 years old. I go to school on weekdays, so I don't have a lot of free time for activities. I spend six hours at school, and then I have English and French lessons. After that I go home and study. If I have some free time in the evening I watch TV or play a game on my computer. Apart from games, I also like to chat online with my friends. We only have one computer, so I have to share it with my sister. She likes to surf the internet and watch music videos.
On weekends I like to spend my time outside. I play football with my friends at a pitch near my house. We have a team and we are training for the championship this year! It is hard work but it is very fun. In the evenings I usually go to the cinema with my friends or sister. If the movies are boring I go out in the evening with my friends and we play and talk. Sometimes we go to a fast food restaurant and eat. Usually, the food isn’t very good though.
I have a lot of free time during the summer when school is closed. I go to my parents’ village in Crete. I like to go to the beach and swim everyday.  I also water ski. I think it is fun and very exciting when the boat goes fast. Next year, I want to try other extreme sports too. Like bungee jumping! I think it is very frightening but I want to do it anyway. I don’t think my parents will let me, though.
This Christmas holiday I want to go snowboarding. I think it is very exciting and I want to try something new. Usually we stay in Athens. Hopefully, my parents will take me somewhere where there is snow like Parnassus. 

1. Write true (T) or false (F). 

a) John likes to watch music videos online. ____
b) John doesn’t have a lot of free time on weekends. ____
c) John sometimes goes to the cinema with his sister. ____
d) John thinks water skiing is frightening. ____
e) John goes snowboarding every Christmas. ____


2. Complete the sentences with these words: reading, sky diving, go out, snowboarding, playing games, collecting things

a) I like ___________ online with my friends on my computer.
b) If you live near a mountain with snow you can go ___________ every day.
c) Jack loves ___________ like stamps and football cards.
d) I don’t like extreme sports. I prefer staying indoors and ___________.
e) I wouldn’t go ___________.  I prefer sports on the ground!
f) On weekends I usually ___________ with my friends.

3. Choose the correct answer.

a) I think rock climbing is very __________________.

b) The movie she was watching was ________________.

c) The teacher is always _________________ when students get good grades.

d) Some people think that reading is _______________but, I love it!

e) The new song by Pink is ________________!

f) My brother isn’t _________________ with computer games. He likes extreme sports.

4. Choose the correct answer.

a) Rock climbing is an example of a(n) extreme / special sport.
b) “What’s the score / total?” “It’s Lakers 76 and Bulls 68”
c) Michael went to play baseball but he forgot his net / bat.
d) My cousin Maria makes a lot of money as a(n) amateur / professional athlete.
e) In volleyball you must kick / hit the ball over the net.
f) Our school has a new basketball pitch / court.

5. Complete the sentences with these words: train, medal, contact, communicate, professional, championship

a) Chatting online is a good way to stay in ___________ and ___________ with friends who live far away.
b) ___________ athletes ___________ very hard every day.
c) Usain Bolt won the gold ___________ in the 100 meter race.
d) Last year our team won the ___________. This year it will be more difficult.


6. Choose the correct answer.

Marie: Hi, Anthony. What do you do / are you doing here?
Anthony: I help / am helping Bill get ready for Monica’s birthday party.
Marie: So am I!  Right now I make / am making biscuits.
Anthony: They look / are looking great!
Marie: Thank you. I see / am seeing people coming. They’re our friends!
Anthony: Can I help you?
Marie: Yes, please. I need / am needing soft drinks. Can you bring some?
Anthony: No problem!

7. Complete the sentences with the present simple or present continuous form of the verb in brackets.

a) I ___________ (enjoy) reading a book before I go to bed.
b) Janet ___________ (study) for her test on Friday.
c) I ___________ (play) cricket every Saturday.
d) Paul can’t come to the park right now, he ___________ (eat)
e) Michael ___________ (train) from 5:00 to 7:00 every Wednesday and Friday with his volleyball team.


8. Read the following announcement from your neighborhood volleyball team. Then write your profile.  Use the ideas given to help you.  Write 120-150 words.

The Tigers volleyball team is accepting new members to the team. If you are interested in making friends, exercising and being a part of a team please send us a profile about yourself!

Be sure to include:

* Details about yourself (name, age, where you live)
* What you like about volleyball and sports
* How someone can contact you

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