6 de maio de 2016

Interpretação de email em inglês com gabarito

Read the email. Decide if the statements are true (T), false (F) or not mentioned (NM).

Hi Mike,
Were you at home last night? There was an incredible programme on TV! There isn’t usually anything interesting on a Thursday night, but I decided to watch half an hour’s TV after my homework. I was very glad I did. It was all about food. Now, I know you’re thinking it was probably one of these TV chef programmes or a food competition – I know I often watch those, but this one was a bit different! Yes, it had famous chefs in it, and yes, it was a sort of competition, but they had to make meals – good meals from food that people throw away! Urggh! I can hear you now!
But it wasn’t old, horrible food. They went to supermarkets and shops to find things they throw away. But the food is still very good. They found lots of bread that was only a day old and at some street markets they found fruit, bananas and strawberries that were a little brown, but still perfectly OK to eat! They also showed us how much people like you and me throw away every week. It was terrible. We waste so much food because we buy so much and then we can’t eat it all! They also showed us a farmer who has to throw away a lot of his vegetables because they aren’t the right size for the shops! People don’t want carrots when they are very big or very small, so the farmers throw them away or give them to the pigs! It was the same with fish and animals too. People only want the nice parts of the animal – the parts that look good. They throw away everything else. I couldn’t believe it. Some shop owners wanted to throw meat – good meat – away on Friday because they knew they couldn’t use it all over the weekend.
You must watch the programme when they show it again! From now on, we eat everything in our fridge!

Speak soon!

1) Lyn often watches interesting programmes on Thursday evenings. T/F/NM
2) Lyn enjoys watching programmes about famous chefs and competitions.  T/F/NM
3) The chefs had to cook meals using things from people’s fridges.  T/F/NM
4) Some shops throw away food because they don’t have space on their shelves.  T/F/NM

1 F / 2 T / 3 T / 4 NM / 5 T

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