1 de outubro de 2016

Gabarito: Atividades de inglês - interpretação de texto

a. (T)
b. (T) 
c. (F) Adult cyber-harassment is never called cyberbullying. / Adult cyber-harassment isn't called cyberbullying. 

2. "cyberbullying" 

3. menor de idade

4. Suggested answers: The benefits of music education. / The benefits of music education to the brain. 

a. Adults who receive formal music instruction as children. 
b. Students in high-quality school music education programs. 

a. adulthood; 
b. speech sounds; 
c. auditory system. 

7. a, b, d, e, g. 

8. Puzzles, reading, playing music, making art. 

9. capacete 

a. Apenas 6 em cada 10 crianças. 
b. 25% 
c. Estimular a prática de esportes entre os jovens. 

11. Physically active children. 

12. Reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease and osteoporosis. Reduce the risk of emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. 

13. Suggested answers: To ensure that kids are benefiting from a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerais and nutrients (that are provided by each color group). / It is an excellent way to keep kids healthy and feeling their best. 

14. green, purple, red, yellow, orange. 
a. Purple / blue. 
b. Uma ótima fonte de vitamina C. 

Referência: Way to English (Editora Ática)

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