10 de julho de 2017

Atividade de inglês para ensino médio (interpretação) - The biggest country (3º ano)

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The biggest country

There are a lot of countries in the world. There are almost two hundred. Some countries are big. Others are small. Some countries have a lot of people. Others have only a few people. 
What is the biggest country? The biggest country is Russia. No other country in the world is as big as Russia. What country has the most people? China has the most people. Russia is bigger. Almost two Chinas could fit in Russia. Why don't more people live in Russia? Not all land is good to live on. Many parts of Russia are very cold. People need to live where they can get enough food. They need to find work. They need to be able to make a living. 

1. Marque a alternativa verdadeira, de acordo com o texto.

a) More people live in China than Russia. 
b) More people live in Russia than China. 
c) There is less land in Russia than China. 
d) There is more land in China than Russia. 

2. De acordo com o texto, as pessoas na Russia must

a) be warm.
b) have lots of lands.
c) not live where it is cold.
d) be able to get enough food.

Keys: A | D

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