13 de julho de 2017

Atividade de inglês - Thanksgiving e Pancake Day (culture)

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Hi! I'm Mike and I'm from the USA. We celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November. We eat a special meal with our families and friends. There's a lot of food, but there aren't any presents. My grandma always cooks a turkey and we eat it with some cranberry sauce and a lot of potatoes. Then we have pumpkin pie. It's delicious!


Hi! I'm Molly and I'm from the UK. In my school we celebrate a lot of different festivals, but my favourite is Pancake Day. It's in February or March and we always make pancakes with sugar and lemon in school kitchen. There isn't much sugar on my pancakes, but I like a lot of lemon juice on them. Would like one? Pancake Day is fun!

Read the texts and answer.

1. When is Thanksgiving Day?

2. How do people celebrate Thanksgiving?

3. Do people give presents?

4. When is Pancake Day?

5. What does Molly do in the school kitchen on Pancake Day?

6. Is there much sugar on her pancakes?


1. The last Thursday in November.

2. They eat a special meal with their families and friends.

3. No, they don't. 

4. It's in February or March.

5. She makes pancakes with sugar and lemon. 

6. There isn't much sugar on her pancakes. 

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