24 de julho de 2017

Exercícios sobre present simple e present continuous (ensino médio)

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Exercícios sobre present continuous com respostas
Exercícios simple present com respostas - (pre-intermediate)
60 exercícios de gramática com gabarito

1. Complete com o presente simples. 

a) Alex often __________ to the park after school. (go)
b) My brother _____________ meat. (not eat)
c) Where _________________ ? (your cousins/live)
d) Gabi ___________ articles for Capricho magazine. (write)
e) ___________________ on Saturdays? (your parents/work)
f) What time ________________ in the morning? (you/get up)
g) I ______________________ to the theatre very often. (not go)

2. Complete com o presente contínuo.

a) Stop that noise! I _________________ to do my homework! (try)
b) Rachel and Paul want to go home. They ________________ a good time. (not have)
c) Why ___________________ ? (you/laugh)
d) ___________________ to us? (that girl/talk)
e) Victoria __________________ for her test. She's at the sports centre. (not study)
f) Pedro is in his room. He _________________ a report for Veja magazine. (write)

3. Complete com every day ou at the moment.

a) Carol is tidying her room ___________________.
b) Richard gets up early ______________________.
c) Mr and Mrs Silva are watching tv ____________.
d) Sophie goes to the park _____________________.
e) Beth drinks a glass of milk __________________.
f) Monica is playing the violin _________________. 

4. Complete com o presente simples ou presente contínuo. 

a) Miguel __________ to go out tonight. (not want)
b) What's the matter? Why _____________ ? (Betty/cry)
c) _________________ pop music? (you/like)
d) Let's go home. I _________________ a good time (not have)
e) No, thanks. I ________________ any help. (not need)
f) We _________________ with our grandparents this weekend. (stay)
g) What time ______________ work? (your mum/usually/finish)

5. Leia as informações abaixo e complete as frases.

Harry - edit Capricho magazine
Lucy - do homework
Mrs Santos - go to the gym
Peter - play football
Beth - study Spanish
Mr Oliveira - run in the park

Harry - listen to new CD
Lucy - watch film on TV
Mrs Santos - visit friend
Peter - read book
Beth - write story
Mr Oliveira - cook dinner

Exemplo: On Monday afternoon, Harry usually edits Capricho magazine but today he is listening to his new CD.

a) On Monday afternoon, Lucy __________________ but today _________________________.
b) On Monday afternoon, Mrs Santos __________________ but today ____________________.
c) On Monday afternoon, Peter _______________________ but today ____________________.
d) On Monday afternoon, Beth __________________ but today __________________________.
e) On Monday afternoon, Mr Oliveira __________________ but today ____________________.


a) goes
b) doesn't eat
c) do your cousins live
d) writes
e) Do your parents work
f) do you get up
g) don't go

a) am trying
b) aren't having
c) are you laughing
d) Is that girl talking
e) isn't studying
f) is writing

a) at the moment
b) every day
c) at the moment
d) every day
e) every day
f) at the moment

a) doesn't want
b) is Betty Crying?
c) Do you like
d) am not having
e) don't need
f) are staying
g) Does your mum usually finish

a) usually does homework / she is watching a film on TV.
b) usually goes to the gym / she is visiting a friend.
c) usually plays football / he is reading a book.
d) usually studies Spanish / she is writng a story.
e) usually runs in the park / he is cooking dinner.

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