24 de julho de 2017

Texto curto em inglês para interpretação

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Textos pequenos e fáceis em inglês para interpretação

Have you ever heard a parrot talk? Parrots are able to copy sounds that they hear. You can train a parrot to repeat words, songs, and whistles. But a parrot cannot say words that it has never heard. People can use words to make new sentences, but a parrot cannot. 

True or false?

a) You could teach a parrot to sing "Happy Birthday".
b) You could ask a parrot any question, and it could give the answer.
c) A parrot could make up a fairy tale.
d) If a parrot heard you say, "Brush your teeth", every night, he could learn to say it too.
e) It is possible for a parrot to repeat words in Spanish. 

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