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Gabarito da avaliação diagnóstica de inglês - ensino médio (sugestão 2)

Avaliação para imprimir

1. Circule a palavra correta (em negrito).

a) The hairdressers aren't / isn't here.
b) My family / families is in London. 
c) There are ten candles between / on the birthday cake. 
d) My cousin has got an / a new camera. 
e) How old is / are your grandpa? 
f) Let's go to an / the beach today. 

2. Coloque as palavras na ordem correta para formar frases. 

a) a / is / dentist / aunt / my
My aunt is a dentist.

b) house / the / in / is / the / cat
The cat is in the house.

c) at / not / school / they / are
They are not at school.

d) big / is / not / sandcastle / a
A sandcastle is not big.

e) a / actor / you / talented / are
You are a talented actor.

f) teacher / next / are / the / we / to
We are next to the teacher. 

3. Complete com respostas curtas.

a) Is the hotel small? Yes, it is
b) Are your sisters twins? No, they aren't.
c) Are you a drummer? Yes, I am.
d) Is Mr Oliveira a strict teacher? No, he isn't.
e) Are you and your brother happy at your new school? Yes, we are

4. Leia o texto abaixo.

Hi Joe!

How are you? How's your uncle? I'm OK. I'm on holiday with my family. 
We're at a small hotel in France. lt's near the beach. The hotel is new and there are lots of nice people here. 
It's fun here! The beach is great, but my little sister is afraid of the water! 
She's with my grandma now. They are in the hotel garden. Mum and Dad are in the sea. We are outdoors most of the time. 
The restaurant next to the hotel is very good, and the waiters are nice. 
Here is a photo of me with my brother. We are behind a sandcastle, and there is a crab in front of the sandcastle. 

Bye for now!

Circule as palavras corretas de acordo com o texto.

a) Alice is with her uncle / family
b) The beach / hotel is small. 
c) Alice's sister is afraid of gardens / water
d) The waiters are new / nice
e) Alice's brother is behind / in front the sandcastle. 

5. Complete o grupo de palavras abaixo com: arm, handsome, monster, mouth, top.

a) beautiful, cute, handsome.
b) eyes, nose, mouth.
c) jacket, shirt, top.
d) ghost, witch, monster.
e) finger, hand, arm

6. Complete as frases abaixo com as palavras: afraid, favourite, great, happy, interesting, new.

a) I'm afraid of dogs!
b) Jeremy is my favourite cousin. He's cool!
c) Mum is very happy today. It's her birthday!
d) Your new boat is great!
e) Jack is the new boy at school. 
f) The Ellen DeGeneres Show is an interesting programme. 

7. Observe as imagens e escreva frases usando THERE IS e THERE ARE. Palavras de apoio: angel, fairy, witch, monster, queen. 

There are two angels.
There is a/one fairy.
There are three witches.
There is a/one monster.
There are three queens. 

8. Leia as respostas e formule as perguntas. Use IS THERE e ARE THERE.

a) Is there a girl? Yes, there is a girl.
b) Are there seven fairies? No, there aren't seven fairies.
c) Are there two witches? Yes, there are two witches.
d) Is there a prince ? No, there isn't a prince.
e) Are there three queens? No, there aren't three queens.
f) Is there a cowboy? Yes, there is a cowboy.

9. Leia a descrição abaixo sobre um monstro chamado Bob e faça um desenho para representá-lo.

Bob has got two heads. He's got three arms, three hands and nine fingers.He's also got two legs, four feet and eight toes. He's a happy monster!

10. Grife a palavra correta que está em negrito.

a) This/These shoes are comfortable.
b) Is that/those T-shirt baggy?
c) This/These jacket is expensive.
d) Are that/those skirts new?
e) That/Those hat is great.

11. Grife a palavra correta que está em negrito.

a) Whose/ Who's shoes are big?
b) Whose /Who's a clothes designer?
c) Whose /Who's got a black dress?
d) Whose/ Who's hair is long in your class?
e) Whose /Who's got red boots?

12. Complete as frases com os verbos entre parênteses no presente simples.

a) Mum tidies the house on Sundays.
b) Joanna and I study in our bedroom. 
c) Dad relaxes on Saturdays. 
d) Helen and Jane play in the park. 
e) My sister watches TV every evening.
f) George lives in London. 

13. Complete as frases com DON'T ou DOESN'T.

a) I don't like flats.
b) Peter doesn't decorate his room. 
c) John and Paul don't do the washing-up.
d) The dog doesn't sleep in my room.
e) Maria and I don't want bright colours in our bedroom.
f) Jessica doesn't know what colour to paint her kitchen.

14. Complete as questões com DO ou DOES.

a) Do you come from Holland?
b) Does Peter like big houses?
c) Does John speak Italian?
d) Does this village have schools?
e) Do Michael and Sam live here?
f) Do Maggie and I dance well?

15. Complete com DO ou MAKE.

a) I don't do jobs at home.
b) Do you always do the washing-up?
c) Please make your bed.
d) We make a cup of coffee every morning.
e) I don't want to do my homework.

16. Read Kerry’s blog. Decide if the statements are true (T), false (F) or not mentioned (NM).

Hi! My name’s Kerry, and I want to tell you about my work. I’m a teacher, but I don’t work at a secondary school and I don’t teach young students. I teach older students. My students are 20 to 40 years old and they come to me to learn English. They want to use English when they work or for holidays. I love my job, but it isn’t easy! My students have jobs too, and I teach them after work. There are 15 students in my class. We start lessons at 6.00 in the evening and finish at 9.30. We have a break at about 7.30 and then we have a drink of tea or coffee. It’s very late when I get home, and I’m quite tired. In the class, I teach my students about grammar, and they learn a lot of new words in English. I ask questions and they answer. They speak in English in the class and they do some homework for the next lesson. Sometimes they do exercises and sometimes they read books. They like to watch English films and listen to English music at home. I like my students! We talk about TV, sports and work. My job is really interesting. They speak good English now too. If you want to learn English, come to my school! It’s very good!

a) Kerry teaches at a secondary school. T/F/NM
b) Her class has five students. T/F/NM
c) They want to learn English for an exam. T/F/NM
d) Kerry doesn’t teach grammar. T/F/NM
e) Sometimes she plays music in the class. T/F/NM

17. Write a short description of yourself to put on an international friends website. Write about your family, school and hobbies. Write 35–50 words.

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