4 de dezembro de 2017

Respostas dos exercícios verbo TO BE no passado (was-were)

1. Sublinhe a resposta correta.

Helen was/were in hospital yesterday.

a) These shoes was /were very expensive.
b) That shop was /were shut last week.
c) Joe was /were here last night.
d) I was/were ill yesterday.
e) We was/were very busy two weeks ago.
f) Our hotel was/were very clean.
g) You was/were brilliant!
h) My parents was/were in Italy in March.
i) I was/were very happy last year.
j) Kate was/were at home yesterday.

2. Complete as frases com was, wasn't, were ou weren't.

a) Victoria was at drama school, too, but she wasn't at my school in Cardiff.
b) Tom was in Cardiff from January to April. He wasn't there in May.
c) Pedro and I were at the same school, but we weren't in the same class.
d) Mark and Amanda were in Cardiff last year, too, but they weren't at drama school. They were at university.
e) The course wasn't easy. Last term was very difficult.
f) I wasn't happy! I was worried a lot of the time.

3. Forme perguntas com was ou were.

you / at home yesterday? 
Were you at home yesterday?

a) Where were you?
b) Was the museum open?
c) Was Sam with you?
d) Why was he late?
e) Were you annoyed?
f) Why were the tickets expensive?

4. Complete as perguntas com respostas curtas.

Was Nikki at college yesterday?
No, she wasn't.

a) Was her driving test yesterday? Yes, it was.
b) Was she worried about it? No, she wasn't.
c) Were you and Daniel at college? Yes, we were.
d) Were Jackie and Lucy there? No, they weren't.
e) Was Jackie ill? Yes, she was.
f) Was Lucy ill, too? No, she wasn't.

5. Complete o diálogo com was, wasn't, were ou weren't.

A: I was at the zoo yesterday with my sister and her little boy. We were there for his birthday.
B: Oh. Was the zoo nice?
A: Yes, it was. The elephants were amazing!
B: Were they frightening?
A: No, they weren't. They were just really big. What about you? Where were you yesterday morning?
B: was at home. I was very busy.

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