6 de dezembro de 2017

Ideias para praticar a escrita em inglês (parte 1) - Writing practice ideas


1. What is your favorite television show? Write a paragraph persuading your classmates to watch the show.

2. Do you think your lunch period is long enough? How could you persuade your school to make it longer?

3. Do you think that weekends should be longer? In your answer, include persuasive reasons for extending weekends.

4. Some communities have a law banning skateboarding in public places. Do you agree or disagree with this law? Be sure to support your position.

5. Do you think a cat or a dog makes a better pet? Write a paragraph explaining your choice.

6. You have just heard about a well-paying babysitting job. Write a persuasive paragraph explaining why you would be an excellent choice for the job.

7. Your teacher said you could have a homework-free weekend if you give her a good reason for it. Write a speech that would convince her.

8. Make a list of five adjectives you could use to describe an ideal pet. Then use the words to write a description of this pet.


1. What’s the worst movie you’ve seen this year? Write a review of it.

2. What’s your favorite restaurant? Pretend you’re a restaurant critic. Write a review of your favorite restaurant.

3. What qualities do you look for in a friend? Write a paragraph describing a good friend.

4. Describe the best birthday you’ve ever had.

5. Imagine an absolutely perfect day. Describe it.

6. Describe your very first friend. What was special about him or her?

7. Plan a surprise party for your best friend. Tell a story about how you would make sure he or she was surprised.

8. You just got a new puppy. You’ve only had it for an hour when you realize it can do something no
other dog can do. Describe what it can do.

9. What is your dream job? Describe a day in your life while working at your dream job.


1. What rules do you have in your classroom? List them and explain the reason for each rule.

2. What’s your favorite sport? Write an explanation of the sport so someone who’s never heard of it can understand how to play it.

3. You just won $50,000! Describe how you would use the money.

4. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? Write about it and explain why it was so embarrassing.

5. What holiday do you like the best? Explain what you do on that holiday and why you like it best.

6. Write directions for a friend explaining how to get from the school to your house.

7. If you could meet any famous person, who would you choose? What questions would you ask? Write five questions you would ask.

8. How are you like your best friend? How are you different? Write a paragraph in which you compare and contrast yourself with your best friend.


1. You find a magic stone on your way home from school. When you rub the stone, magical things happen. Tell a story about what happens to you.

2. Your aunt arrives with a huge box. You hear strange noises coming from the box. Write a story about what’s inside.

3. You arrive at school one day and suddenly realize you’re invisible to your teacher and your classmates. Describe what happens to you that day.

4. Although you asked for an MP3 player for your birthday, your parents gave you a telescope. But it’s not just any telescope. Something amazing happens when you look through it. Tell a story about what happens when you use the telescope.

5. It rains on the day of your class picnic. The class can’t play any of the outdoor games they had planned. But the picnic is more fun than ever! Write a story explaining why it’s so much fun.

6. One day you wake up and discover your family has acquired a robot helper! Tell a story about how the robot changes your family’s life.

7. Choose one character, one setting, and one plot from the choices below, and then use your choices to tell a story.

8. Your time machine has taken you 500 years into the future. Write a story about what life is like at this future time.

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