23 de dezembro de 2017



1. Complete the text with the or zero article.

Name: Fred
Favourite food: I love homemade food. I particularly love the food my grandmother makes. I hate burgers and chips and the coffee from the machine at work.
Likes and dislikes: I love dancing and spending time with my friends. I especially love going to the park and listening to music on my mp3 player.
Free time activities: I like to keep fit. I play basketball twice a week and go swimming in the local pool every morning. I spend hours playing games on my computer and I love watching DVDs of old black and white films. I'm learning to play the saxophone. I'm not very good but it's great fun. 

2. Cross out the definite articles which are not necessary.

a) I admire the people who know what they want to do in the life.
b) Those are the people who live in the house next door to us. correct
c) I loved the apple pie your mum made for us last night. correct
d) The bus is always late in the morning and I’m always late for the work!
e) The money cannot buy the happiness.
f) Jim is the happiest person I know. correct

A: How did you get here?
B: I came by the bus.
A: The number 1?
B: No, the number 3.

h) correct
A: Where are you working at the moment?
B: At the new school near the stadium.

A: Does Tom do any sport at the school?
B: Yes, he plays the football twice a week.

3. Add the to the conversation where necessary. 

A: Would you and the kids like to have lunch with us on Sunday?
B: Yes, we'd love to. The kids love the food you cook!
A: Is there anything they don't like? I'm thinking of making chicken and rice. And ice cream for dessert.
B: Great! They both love chicken - especially with the special homemade tomato sauce you always make.
A: And maybe we can go and see a film later? The new Disney film is on at the Odeon Cinema near us.
B: I can take them if you want and you can stay at home and enjoy some peace and quiet.
A: That sounds great!
B: No problem. See you on Sunday then.
A: Yeah, bye.

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