23 de janeiro de 2018

Exercícios sobre artigos indefinidos e definido em inglês (the - a/an) intermediário

+ exercícios sobre artigos

1. Circle the correct answer.

A: This website has some good information and a/the nice message board.
B: Really? What do people write about on a/the message board?

A: Oh, look- here's an/the e-mail from Lisa. And this one's from Ryan.
B: What's an/the e-mail from Lisa about?

A: That's my brother's laptop. He's got a/the desktop at work.
B: Does he use a/the laptop for work?

A: I want to buy a/the book and a/the CD on that website.
B: What's a/the book about?
A: It's about a/the man who lives on an/the island in the Pacific.

A: There's a/the laptop here and a/the bag. Are they yours?
B: No, they're Ricky's.

2. Complete the extract from a guidebook. Use a or the.

Chester is ___ beautiful town in the north of England. There are high walls of red stone around __ city. You can walk on top of ____ walls! Chester has ____ cathedral, ___ castle, ___ Roman theatre, some Roman gardens, ____ famous clock, ____ park and ___ river. ____ Roman gardens are beautiful. ___ clock is in the centre of the town. It is more than 100 years old. ____ park has some lovely trees and plants. ____ river is very pretty, with a lot of trees near it.

3. Complete the sentences. Use a, an or the.

a) We're going to meet Jonathan at ____ airport. Do you want to come?
b) I like swimming in ____ sea.
c) We've got some eggs. Let's make ____ omelette.
d) Has your school got ____ swimming pool?
e) ____ air isn't clean here.
f) I want to travel around ____ world.
g) Are you going to have ____ party for your birthday?
h) Who's ____ president of France?
i) I've got ____ appointment at ten.
j) Mark's in ____ bathroom.
k) There's ____ bus stop near my house so I can get to town very easily.

4. Circle the correct answer.

Sweden is a/the country in the north of Europe. It is in a/the European Union. A/The official language is Swedish, but many people speak English. In the north of Sweden, a/the sun does not set for some days in the summer, so a/the sky is light all the time! 
Stockholm is a/the capital of Sweden. It is a/the beautiful city. It has lots of beautiful historic buildings, museums, restaurants and cafes. Tourists can buy a/the card for free entry to all Stockholm's museums and free travel on a/the bus and metro system.

5. Circle the correct answer.

A: What's that noise?
B: Nick's learning to play a/the violin.

A: Does your sister work?
B: No, she's a/the student.

A: We're going to see a play at a/the National Theatre on Saturday. Would you like to come with us?
B: Oh, yes- thank you.

A: Let's go to the cinema tonight.
B: Yes, that's a/the good idea. Let's meet at the station at seven.

A: Which hotel are you staying at?
B: A/The Palace.

A: Can you play a/the guitar?
B: No, I can't.

A: Do you know the way to a/the Natural History Museum?
B: No, I don't. Let's ask that girl over there.

6. Complete the sentences. Use a or the.

a) ___ Potters live in Foxton. Mr. Potter has a shop there.
b) This is ___ very busy street.
c) Jack plays ____ drums in a band.
d) James is taking the children to ____Transport Museum tomorrow.
e) Ben's ___ journalist. He works for a national newspaper.
f) Are ___ Oliveiras coming to your party?
g) When are Keith and Carol coming back from ____ USA?
h) I'm going to see a film at ____ Odeon on Saturday.
i) Is your room at ____ Sheraton nice?

7. Complete the sentences. Use the. If a sentence does not need the, put a tick (⇃).

a) I'm sure we'll have a great time in ___ London next week! (  )
b) Tim and I are going to go to ___ Science Museum. (  )
c) Emily isn't going to come to the museum. She isn't interested in ___ science! (  ) 
d) On Saturday, we're going to see a play by Shakespeare at ___Globe Theatre. (  )
e) Then we're going to have ___ dinner at a famous Chinese restaurant. (  ) 
f) I'm going to go shopping in ____ Oxford Street, of course! (  )
g) We're going to stay at ____ Garden Court. It's a very nice hotel in west London. (  ) 

8. Complete the conversation. Use a, an, the or - .

A: What are you doing tomorrow? Are you going anywhere?
B: Yes. We're going to visit some friends in ____ York. They're ___ Campbells - my Scottish friends.
A: That's nice. York's ____ beautiful city. What are you going to do there?
B: Oh, not much. Spend time with my friends and play ____ golf. And I'd like to visit a museum. I really like ____ history.
A: ___ Castle Museum is really good. It's got streets and houses from a hundred years ago. It's ___ interesting place.
B: Where is it?
A: It's in ____ Tower Street, I think. There's a nice cafe there, too, so you can have ____ lunch there.
B: Great. Thanks for all your advice!


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