23 de janeiro de 2018

Respostas artigos indefinidos e definido (the - a/an)

Exercícios sem respostas

1. Circle the correct answer.

A: This website has some good information and a nice message board.
B: Really? What do people write about on the message board?

A: Oh, look- here's an e-mail from Lisa. And this one's from Ryan.
B: What's the e-mail from Lisa about?

A: That's my brother's laptop. He's got a desktop at work.
B: Does he use the laptop for work?

A: I want to buy a book and a CD on that website.
B: What's the book about?
A: It's about a man who lives on an island in the Pacific.

A: There's a laptop here and a bag. Are they yours?
B: No, they're Ricky's.

2. Complete the extract from a guidebook. Use a or the.

Chester is a beautiful town in the north of England. There are high walls of red stone around the city. You can walk on top of the walls! Chester has a cathedral, a castle, a Roman theatre, some Roman gardens, a famous clock, a park and a river. The Roman gardens are beautiful. The clock is in the centre of the town. It is more than 100 years old. The park has some lovely trees and plants. The river is very pretty, with a lot of trees near it.

3. Complete the sentences. Use a, an or the.

a) We're going to meet Jonathan at the airport. Do you want to come?
b) I like swimming in the sea.
c) We've got some eggs. Let's make an omelette.
d) Has your school got a swimming pool?
e) The air isn't clean here.
f) I want to travel around the world.
g) Are you going to have a party for your birthday?
h) Who's the president of France?
i) I've got an appointment at ten.
j) Mark's in the bathroom.
k) There's a bus stop near my house so I can get to town very easily.

4. Circle the correct answer.

Sweden is a country in the north of Europe. It is in the European Union. The official language is Swedish, but many people speak English. In the north of Sweden, the sun does not set for some days in the summer, so the sky is light all the time! 
Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. It is a beautiful city. It has lots of beautiful historic buildings, museums, restaurants and cafes. Tourists can buy a card for free entry to all Stockholm's museums and free travel on the bus and metro system.

5. Circle the correct answer.

A: What's that noise?
B: Nick's learning to play the violin.

A: Does your sister work?
B: No, she's a student.

A: We're going to see a play at the National Theatre on Saturday. Would you like to come with us?
B: Oh, yes- thank you.

A: Let's go to the cinema tonight.
B: Yes, that's a good idea. Let's meet at the station at seven.

A: Which hotel are you staying at?
B: The Palace.

A: Can you play the guitar?
B: No, I can't.

A: Do you know the way to the Natural History Museum?
B: No, I don't. Let's ask that girl over there.

6. Complete the sentences. Use a or the.

a) The Potters live in Foxton. Mr. Potter has a shop there.
b) This is a very busy street.
c) Jack plays the drums in a band.
d) James is taking the children to the Transport Museum tomorrow.
e) Ben's a journalist. He works for a national newspaper.
f) Are the Oliveiras coming to your party?
g) When are Keith and Carol coming back from the USA?
h) I'm going to see a film at the Odeon on Saturday.
i) Is your room at the Sheraton nice?

7. Complete the sentences. Use the. If a sentence does not need the, put a tick (⇃).

a) I'm sure we'll have a great time in London next week! ()
b) Tim and I are going to go to the Science Museum. (  )
c) Emily isn't going to come to the museum. She isn't interested in science! (
d) On Saturday, we're going to see a play by Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre. (  )
e) Then we're going to have dinner at a famous Chinese restaurant. (
f) I'm going to go shopping in Oxford Street, of course! ()
g) We're going to stay at the Garden Court. It's a very nice hotel in west London. (  ) 

8. Complete the conversation. Use a, an, the or - .

A: What are you doing tomorrow? Are you going anywhere?
B: Yes. We're going to visit some friends in - York. They're the Campbells - my Scottish friends.
A: That's nice. York's a beautiful city. What are you going to do there?
B: Oh, not much. Spend time with my friends and play - golf. And I'd like to visit a museum. I really like - history.
A: The Castle Museum is really good. It's got streets and houses from a hundred years ago. It's an interesting place.
B: Where is it?
A: It's in - Tower Street, I think. There's a nice cafe there, too, so you can have - lunch there.
B: Great. Thanks for all your advice!

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