19 de janeiro de 2018

Respostas dos exercícios HOW MANY e HOW MUCH

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1. Complete the conversations. Use many or much.

A: Do many animals live in the Himalayas?
B: I don't know!

A: Are there any clothes shops in this town?
B: Yes, but not many.

A: I haven't got much money.
B: Don't worry. I can lend you some.

A: Have you got much homework?
B: Yes. And I have to revise for my exams, too.

A: There aren't many tickets left.
B: Let's buy ours now, then.

A: Do you watch much television?
B: No, not really.

A: Is there any information in that brochure?
B: Well, yes, but not much. Let's visit their website.

A: Is he a new student?
B: Yes, he doesn't know many people here.

2. Complete the questions. Use How many or How much.

a) How much ice is there in the Arctic?
b) How much water is there in Lake Victoria?
c) How many states are there in the USA?
d) How much gold is there in South Africa?
e) How many canals are there in Venice?
f) How many deserts are there in China?
g) How much rain is there in Brazil every year?
h) How many volcanoes are there in the world?

3. Circle the correct answer.

a) How many / How much people are on your course?
b) Is there many / much information about your course on the website?
c) I don't have many / much free time this week.
d) I need much /more files for my notes.
e) There isn't any much / more space for these books in my bag.
f) I'm tired. I need many / more coffee.
g) They can't lend us any much / more money.
h) How many / How much milk do you need for the cake?

4. Complete the conversation. Use many, much or more.

A: Would you like some more soup?
B: Yes, please.
A: And some more bread?
B: Yes, please. The soup is lovely! What's in it?
A: Meat, of course, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and herbs.
B: How much meat do you need for it?
A: About half a kilo.
B: And how many potatoes and tomatoes?
A: Not many. Just two potatoes and five or six tomatoes.
B: I can taste a bit of lemon.
A: Yes, I usually put some lemon juice in, but not much.
B: Do you put many herbs in?
A: No. Just a bit of oregano and thyme.
B: Well, I love it!
A: Good! More?
B: No, thanks! It's wonderful, but I'm afraid I can't eat any more.

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