18 de janeiro de 2018

Respostas dos exercícios MUST e HAVE TO

Exercícios sem respostas

1. Circle the correct answer.

a) must ask Mum for some money. I haven't got enough for my ticket.
b) I mustn't forget to tell Pietra. She wants to come, too.
c) We must check the times of the trains again. I'm not sure of them.
d) We mustn't be late for our train.
e) must take my railcard. I can get cheap tickets with it.
f) You mustn't get the number 7 bus. It doesn't stop at the station.
g) We mustn't lose our tickets. We can't get any more.

2. Complete the rules for an exam. Use must or mustn't and the verbs: be, bring, copy, give, stay, stop, talk, use, write.

a) You mustn't be late for the exam.
b) You mustn't bring your mobile phone into the exam.
c) You must write your name at the top of the first page.
d) You must use a pen, not a pencil.
e) During the exam, you mustn't talk to anybody.
f) You must stay in your chair all the time.
g) You mustn't copy another person's answers.
h) You must stop when I say, 'Stop now'.
i) You must give me your answer sheet at the end of the exam.

3.  Complete the sentences. Use have/has to or don't/doesn't have to.

a) You can't take your bags into the museum. You have to leave them here.
b) Jack has to get the bus to town. He can't walk there.
c) We can get the tickets tomorrow. We don't have to buy them now.
d) You don't have to answer my question now. You can tell me later.
e) My dad has to stay in hospital today and tomorrow. He can come out on Monday.
f) My sister doesn't have to wear glasses. Her eyes are fine.
g) I have to earn some money for my holiday. I haven't got any.
h) He doesn't have to work. He's got a lot of money.
i) No, I'm afraid I can't come with you. I have to finish this project today.
j) You don't have to wash the car. Dan washed it yesterday.

4. Write questions. Use have to.

a) Do we have to visit anybody?
b) Do you have to call Lisa?
c) Why does Ben have to have the car?
d) Do I have to help him and Sarah?
e) Do they have to leave early on Sunday?
f) Where does Sarah have to go?
g) Do we have to get any petrol?
h) Do you have to work on your project?

5. Complete the conversation. Use the correct form of have to.

A: When do we have to check in at the airport tomorrow?
B: Two hours before the flight - at about six. So we have to get the bus at about four.
A: I'm going to change some money this afternoon.
B: You don't have to change it today. You can change it at the airport.
A: Yes, that's true. Have you packed yet?
B: No, I have to do that this evening. This afternoon, I'm helping Jonathan with his car. He has to fix it today because he needs it tomorrow. He's going to see Hannah in Manchester. He doesn't have to drive there, but it's easier than going by train or bus.
B:  Does he have to go tomorrow?
A: Yes. They're going to a party together in the evening.

6. Circle the correct answer.

a) We don't have to run. We can walk.
b) I mustn't lose Emma's address. I need it.
c) You don't have to pay for my ticket. I've got enough money.
d) I mustn't forget my camera tomorrow.
e) I mustn't miss my bus stop. I don't want to walk a long way.
f) We don't have to phone Jessica now. We can call her tomorrow.
g) You don't have to bring any food tomorrow. I'll bring some.
h) You mustn't leave your coat on the bus.

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