16 de janeiro de 2018

Substantivos em inglês - pré-intermediário (exercício)

1. Leia a carta abaixo. Sublinhe os substantivos e separe-os em person, place e thing.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am having a wonderful time at summer camp here in Maine. Danny is my new best friend and Mr. Kipper is our cabin captain. He is always tired. I don’t know why. Today we went to Lake Fishy and played ball and sailed on a sailboat. I got water in my nose and had to borrow a towel from Suzy. She said I’d better learn how to use the washing machine before I give it back.
Tomorrow we are going to the library; everyone is allowed to take out a book. After that we are taking the bus to the post office. The mailman won’t come to camp anymore; it has something to do with the frog Jamal lost. We all miss Mr. Ribbit.
Hope you and Dad enjoy your trip to Grandma’s house. I can’t wait until you visit me soon!

P.S. Don’t forget to bring my teddy bear.


Person: Mom, Dad, Danny, Mr.Kipper
Place: camp, Maine, Lake Fishy, library, and post office
Thing: Mr. Ribbit, time, ball, sailboat, water, nose, towel, washing machine, book, bus, frog, trip, house, and teddy bear.

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