12 de janeiro de 2018

Exercício para treinar inglês - READING and WRITING (intermediário)

Read the story carefully. Look for signal words, such as first, next, then, last, begin, and end. Then trace the steps of a successful firefight.

WOOOH! WOOOH! The sirens signal that a fire truck is on its way to a fire. Big red trucks rush through traffic. Everyone stops to let the engines pass.
When firefighters arrive at a call, they know exactly what to do. An exact plan of action helps save lives and property.
First, a computer signal tells the engine driver the exact location of the fire. Once there, the firefighters immediately set out to rescue people who are in the most serious danger. Often, teams of firefighters have to raise ladders and “cherry-pickers” to help people who are trapped on high floors of a building. Other times, firefighters must enter the building and use axes and crowbars to break into areas where people may be trapped.
Then, when everyone is safe, firefighters focus on managing the fire — stopping it from spreading. They lay hoses in hallways or on the sidewalk around the building. Next, they use strong blasts of water to knock down the raging flames and extinguish the fire. The final step in the process is called “overhauling.” This includes searching the soot and cinders to make sure that no flames remain.
When every step has been followed, the fire can truly be considered extinguished.

What happens —



First: A computer signal tells the engine driver the location of the fire.
Second: The firefighters rescue people in danger.
Third: When everyone is safe, then firefighters focus on managing the fire.
Fourth: Firefighters use strong blasts of water to knock down the flames.
Fifth: The final step is overhauling: searching through cinders to find remaining flames.

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