17 de janeiro de 2018

Testes de inglês com gabarito (gramática)

60 exercícios de gramática com gabarito

1. The book _________in 1954.
a) is written
b) were written
c) was written
d) wrote

2. If you see a snake, _________
a) ’ll run!
b) running!
c) to run!
d) run!

3. At school last year I _________ wear black shoes.
a) must
b) mustn’t
c) have to
d) had to

4. This jacket is _________ . It’s too short for me.
a) not long enough
b) long enough
c) enough long
d) too long

5. It’s __________ beautiful day. Let’s go out.
a) so
b) such
c) such a
d) very

6. The film ________ already started when we got to the cinema.
a) has
b) was
c) have
d) had

7. If you went to bed earlier, you __________ so tired.
a) wouldn’t feel
b) will feel
c) would feel
d) didn’t feel

8. They __________ live in Buenos Aires before they went to Madrid.
a) were
b) used to
c) had used to
d) use to

9. She said she __________ at 9 o’ clock.
a) was coming
b) coming
c) come
d) has come

10. I’m not sure if I’ll go to the party. I ___________ stay at home.
a) must
b) has to
c) mustn’t
d) might

11. That’s Mr Thomson. He’s the teacher __________ gives us a lot of tests.
a) when
b) which
c) who
d) where

12. They don’t live here, __________
a) don’t they?
b) do they?
c) are they?
d) aren’t they?

13. I __________ for three hours. I haven’t finished it yet!
a) read
b) have been reading
c) was reading
d) am reading

14. I went to the supermarket __________ some food.
a) for to buy
b) to buying
c) to buy
d) for buying

15. They come from Rome. They __________ be Italian.
a) could
b) can
c) must
d) can’t

16. They’re late. They must __________ the train.
a) miss
b) missing
c) had missed
d) have missed

17. If I __________ known he was going to the disco, I wouldn’t have gone.
a) had
b) would have
c) has
d) have

18. The teacher _________ do the test again.
a) make us
b) made us
c) makes
d) made us to

19. A: I don’t want to go there again. B: _______ It was horrible.
a) Neither I do.
b) So do I.
c) Neither do I.
d) So I do.

20. She asked me __________ to play tennis the next day.
a) do I want
b) if I wanted
c) do you want
d) if


1 c
2 d
3 d
4 a
5 c
6 d
7 a
8 b
9 a
10 d
11 c
12 b
13 b
14 c
15 c
16 d
17 a
18 b
19 c
20 b

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