17 de janeiro de 2018

Exercícios de inglês com respostas (gramática)

60 exercícios de gramática com gabarito

1. She _____ the piano very well.
a) does
b) can play
c) play
d) can

2. We usually go to the disco on Saturdays but we _______ today.
a) don’t go
b) doesn’t go
c) isn’t going
d) aren’t going

3. _______ tennis with us tomorrow?
a) Are they playing
b) Do we play
c) You are doing
d) Does he do

4. She’s more _______ than her sisters.
a) big
b) taller
c) oldest
d) intelligent

5. London is the _______ city in Britain.
a) most expensive
b) more expensive
c) bigger
d) beautiful

6. I ________ to Warsaw last week.
a) go
b) was
c) went
d) am not going

7. Her Spanish is very good. She speaks it very _________.
a) badly
b) good
c) quickly
d) slowly

8. We _______ a coffee in the café when we saw Tom.
a) had
b) was having
c) are having
d) were having

9. The music is very loud, Bob _________ it down, please.
a) Turned
b) Turning
c) Turn
d) Don’t turn

10. You ________ take your passport when you travel to another country.
a) must
b) should
c) mustn’t
d) don’t have to

11. We ________ you next week.
a) see
b) will see
c) is going to see
d) is seeing

12. If she _________ the exam, she’ll go to university.
a) is passing
b) will pass
c) passes
d) won’t pass

13. I’ll buy _________ milk if I go to the supermarket.
a) a
b) an
c) some
d) any

14. ________ you ever met a famous person?
a) Has
b) Do
c) Did
d) Have

15. They’ve never _________to a rock concert.
a) saw
b) seen
c) gone
d) been

16. It’s not my bag. It’s ___________.
a) hers
b) her
c) him
d) mine

17. He hasn’t phoned ___________.
a) just
b) already
c) ever
d) yet

18. I’m not hungry. I __________ had lunch.
a) have yet
b) have just
c) already have
d) just have

19. You don’t __________ go now. You can go tomorrow.
a) must
b) mustn’t
c) have to
d) have

20. This is the best chocolate in the world. It __________ in Switzerland.
a) were made
b) is made
c) makes
d) made


1 b
2 d
3 a
4 d
5 a
6 c
7 c
8 d
9 c
10 a
11 b
12 c
13 c
14 d
15 d
16 a
17 d
18 b
19 c
20 b

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