17 de janeiro de 2018

Inglês - 60 exercícios de gramática com gabarito

Os exercícios estão separados em blocos de 20 questões, das mais fáceis até as mais complexas.  Leia com calma. Anote suas respostas em uma folha para conferir e analisar seus erros e acertos. 😉

a) is 
b) isn’t 
c) are 
d) am

2. They’ve got three _______.
a) child’s. 
b) childrens. 
c) children.
d) child.

3. There’s ______  pencil on the table.
b) two 
c) some 
d) an

4. My brother’s sixteen. ______ called Tom.
a) She’s 
b) He’s 
c) It’s 
d) You’re

5. I’ve got two sisters. ______ bedroom is very big.
a) His 
b) Your 
c) Their 
d) Her

6. ______ are you from?
a) Where 
b) What 
c) When 
d) Who

7. This is my book. ______ are your books on the table.
a) This 
b) That 
c) It 
d) Those

8. ______ are twenty students in my class.
a) They
b) There
c) We
d) It

9. There’s a blackboard in the classroom but there aren’t ______ shelves.
a) any
b) some
c) a
d) the

10. My parents have got blue eyes but my ______ hair is black.
a) father
b) fathers
c) fathers’
d) father’s

11. _______ you got any apples?
a) Has
b) Have
c) Is
d) Do

12. They speak English but they ______ speak French.
a) don’t
b) do
c) does
d) doesn’t

13. _______ he play the guitar?
a) Do
b) Does
c) Is
d) Don’t

14. I _______ up at 7 o’clock.
a) usually get
b) get sometimes
c) get often
d) get usually

15. We like him but he doesn’t like ________.
a) we
b) he
c) they
d) us

16. She _______ a black T-shirt today.
a) wears
b) doesn’t wear
c) is wearing
d) are wearing

17. I don’t like _______ football.
a) play
b) playing
c) to playing
d) doing

18. My friend, Jack, ______ at school yesterday because he was ill.
a) isn’t
b) was
c) were
d) wasn’t

19. Where ______ last night?
a) did you go
b) do you go
c) you go
d) does she go

20. What _______ to do next weekend?
a) do you go
b) are you going
c) are you doing
d) did they go


1 c
2 c
3 a
4 b
5 c
6 a
7 d
8 b
9 a
10 d
11 b
12 a
13 b
14 a
15 d
16 c
17 b
18 d
19 a
20 b

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