11 de janeiro de 2018

Texto em inglês pré-intermediário (interpretação)

Read the story carefully and answer the questions.

Zebras are among the most beautiful animals on earth. With their bold black-and-white stripes, they stand apart from other African animals. They roam freely over the large African plains. Many people don’t know it, but the zebra is one of the few wild horses left in the world today. All horses belong to the same animal group, known as Equus. Zebras are shorter than most other horses, their ears are larger, and some of them make a barking sound! Most importantly, only zebras have stripes—even their manes are striped! Many zebras have been killed for their beautiful skins. Fortunately, things are being done to protect zebras now. African governments and wildlife groups have set up nature preserves, where zebras can live without the risk of being hunted.

1. Where do all the world’s wild zebras live? 
2. What is the animal group to which zebras belong? 
3. List three things you learned about zebras by reading the selection. 
4. How are people trying to help protect zebras?


1. Africa
2. Equus
3. Answers will vary.
4. Making wildlife preserves

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