13 de fevereiro de 2018

Answer keys - Basic English lesson (The market)

1. Match the objects with the pictures A-F.

spices E
clothes C
carpets A
jewelry D
pottery F
leather wallets and bags B

2. Which objects in exercise 1 are in markets in your town or city?
Personal answer.

3. Read the programme information. Where is Francesco? What is his new job?
He's in Istanbul, at the Grand Bazaar.
He's a carpet seller.

Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage 

Francesco da Mosto is an Italian TV presenter. In this programme, Francesco is in Istanbul, Turkey, at the Grand Bazaar - Istanbul's famous market. His new "job" is a carpet seller but he says "I don't know anything about carpets!" His friend and teacher, Harkan, helps him. Is Francesco a good salesman?

4. Practice your speaking by answering the questions.
a) Is Francesco a good salesman?
b) Is Harkan (the Turkish man) a good salesman?

5. Read the description of a market and answer the questions.

a) What's the name of the market? Covent Garden market
b) Where is it? It's in the center of London. 
c) Is it open every day? Yes, it is.
d) What is it good for? It's good for jewelry, clothes, pictures, small shops and cafés.

Covent Garden market is in the center of London. It's is open in every day and it's good for beautiful jewelry, clothes and pictures. It's also good for small shops and cafés. It's a famous tourist attraction for visitors to London and there are people from all over the world. I'm not a tourist, I'm from London, but for me, Covent Garden market is a good place to stop and have a break.

6. Write about a market in your town/city or another town/city. Answer the questions in exercise 5.

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