18 de fevereiro de 2018

Inglês - ensino médio - interpretação: apartheid (Mandela)


Frequently Asked Questions 

12. What was apartheid? 
Apartheid, which means 'separateness', was the practice of official racial segregation in every aspect of life. Under apartheid, everyone in South Africa had to be classified according to a particular racial group. This classification determined where someone could be born, where they could live, where they could go to school, where they could work (...). Only white people could vote and they had the best opportunities and the most money was spent on their facilities. Apartheid made others live in poverty. Black South Africans' lives were strictly controlled. Many thousands of people died in the struggle to end apartheid. 

13. What was Nelson Mandela's vision during the apartheid era? 
Mr. Mandela's vision during the apartheid era was for the eradication of racism and for the establishment of a constitutional democracy. 

Available at: <www.nelsonmandela.org/content/page/faqs>.  

Mark the correct statements about the text.

a) Under apartheid, people from South Africa were treated differently because of their skin color. 
b) Apartheid determined where, based on race, people could live, study and work. 
c) Only white people had full political rights during the apartheid era. 
d) During apartheid, everybody in South Africa was poor. 
e) Mandela was against a constitutional democracy. 

Answer key: A - B - C


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