16 de março de 2018

FUN TIME - Reading exercise to improve English - pre-intermediate riddles

Read the riddles about famous films and TV characters and guess who they are. Can you write a riddle about your favourite film or TV character?

I fly through the air but I haven’t got wings.
I wear a metal suit and fight evil things.
I’m clever and love to have money and fame.
I’m Tony Stark but I’ve got another name.

Some think I’m pretty, and some do not.
There’s a big green man I love a lot.
I’m bossy, I’m kind, I can get angry.
I sometimes eat eggs … when I’m hungry.

I haven’t got a lot of hair,
To tell the truth, I don’t care.
I know I’m not clever, I’m selfish and lazy
But I love my Marge, and she loves me.


1 - Iron Man
2 - Princess Fiona
3 - Homer Simpson

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