12 de maio de 2018

IMPERATIVE EXERCISE - A fish sandwich with tea

Play the video to see how Mr. Bean is doing a fish sandwich.

1. Tick the ingredients of a sandwich and an English tea (with milk).

___ lettuce
___ pasta
___ hot water
___ fish
___ butter
___ chocolate
___ milk
___ coffee
___ chicken
___ bread
___ ice cream
___ tea bag

2. How to prepare? Number the sentences.

___ Put some fish on the lettuce leaf.
___ Add some milk and stir.
___ Slice the bread.
___ Enjoy your meal!
___ Put some pepper on top.
___ Put a tea bag into the hot water.
___ Put some butter on the bread.
___ Wash a leaf of lettuce and put it on the bread.

3. What did Mr. Bean use instead of …

a) a knife
b) a pepper mill
c) a kettle
d) a bottle (milk)
e) a kitchen towel

(  ) a feeding bottle
(  ) scissors and a credit card
(  ) a sock
(  ) a handkerchief and a shoe
(  ) a hot water bottle

4. Speaking

What does Mr. Bean do first? Can you say how to make a fish sandwich like him?

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