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What ADJECTIVE describes your personality best? (fluency exercises)


1. affectionate means:
a) tenaciously unwilling to yield
b) exerting influence by reason of high status
c) having or involving more than one part or entity
d) having or displaying warmth or affection 

2. reliable means:
a) coming into existence
b) worthy of reliance or trust
c) poor enough to need help from others
d) occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

3. sensible means:
a) reasonable
b) unbelievable
c) useless
d) pleasant

4. unassuming means:
a) not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished
b) not arrogant
c) having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude
d) impossible to surmount

5. frank means:
a) characterized by directness in manner or speech
b) deserving of the highest esteem
c) no longer legally acceptable
d) marked by refinement in taste and manners

6. compassionate means:
a) sympathetic
b) subordinate
c) synthetic
d) complicated

7. adaptable means:
a) comparable
b) defensible
c) flexible
d) enjoyable

8. Which of the following would most likely be considered a courageous action?
a) conducting a scientific experiment
b) conducting a symphony orchestra
c) performing a rescue mission
d) playing a game of chess

9. exuberant means:
a) lush
b) shadowy
c) solid
d) winding

10. sympathetic means:
a) fiery
b) kind
c) musical
d) unbelievable


1. affectionate means:
a) tenaciously unwilling to yield
b) exerting influence by reason of high status
c) having or involving more than one part or entity
d) having or displaying warmth or affection 

Being affectionate is being warm, tender, and loving. A hug is an affectionate gesture.

Affectionate words and actions show love, liking, or compassion. Kissing on the check, holding hands, and hugging are all affectionate. This word usually doesn't apply to sexual situations: being affectionate is a lot more innocent than that. Parents and children, teachers and students, brothers and sisters — they can all be affectionate to each other. It's hard to fake being affectionate, so we tend to be affectionate to people we genuinely like.

2. reliable means:
a) coming into existence
b) worthy of reliance or trust
c) poor enough to need help from others
d) occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

Calling something reliable means you can count on it to come through when you need it; it's dependable. If you're headed out for an around-the-world sailing trip, hopefully, your lifejacket is reliable.

You can certainly rely on something reliable because it's trustworthy and responsible. Reliable people usually show up on time, never flake out, and always tell the truth. A reliable car isn't likely to break down and will get you from place to place safely. And if you happen to lose your trusty sidekick, good luck looking for a reliable replacement.

3. sensible means:
a) reasonable
b) unbelievable
c) useless
d) pleasant

Sensible means practical and reasonable. If you're wearing sensible shoes, they're sturdy, comfortable, good for walking, and your feet don't hurt. If you're a sensible person, you're level-headed and calm, and you make wise decisions.

Sensible may not sound exciting — who wants to be like a pair of galoshes, when you can be stilettos? But sensible is the voice of reason, and when you're tooling along in your convertible, you'll be grateful for the sensible 15-mile-per-hour speed limit posted at that sharp turn where the road drops off into the canyon. Sensible comes from the Latin sensibilis, meaning "perceptible by the senses," a meaning that eventually evolved into "having good sense, reasonable."

4. unassuming means:
a) not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished
b) not arrogant
c) having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude
d) impossible to surmount

The word unassuming means modest, lacking in arrogance, pleasant, or polite. You'll find that some of the most unassuming people are actually the most interesting and powerful of all. They're just decent enough not to display it all the time.

It's been said that when you assume, you make an ass of you and me: that's because when you assume you draw conclusions that you shouldn't. If you're unassuming, you don't make that mistake. Even though he was a rock star, I found Jason to be unassuming and delightful. He treated everyone like a friend. It's the height of irony that the real Wizard of Oz turns out to be an unassuming country gentleman, when the image he projected was of fearsome, raw, tyrannical power.

5. frank means:
a) characterized by directness in manner or speech
b) deserving of the highest esteem
c) no longer legally acceptable
d) marked by refinement in taste and manners

To be frank is to be honest. Also, it's a hot dog. Eating a frank at the ballpark is, to be frank, an all-American experience.

If you're open, honest, and candid, you're frank — that can mean refreshing honesty or too much information. Frank also has some lesser known uses. It can also mean to stamp with a postmark, or to pass someone through for free — like how your museum job lets you frank your friends into the planetarium. The most delicious meaning is for what you may know as a dog, frankfurter, hot dog, hotdog, weenie, wiener, or wiener-wurst.

6. compassionate means:
a) sympathetic
b) subordinate
c) synthetic
d) complicated

If you are compassionate, you feel other people's pain and struggles as though they were your own. Compassionate people are often moved to work to end the suffering of others, perhaps by feeding the hungry or educating the poor.

Compassionate comes from the Old French noun compassion, which means "sympathy, pity." The adjective, pronounced "cuhm-PASH-uh-nuht," means "sympathetic," like a compassionate friend who shares in your joys and sadnesses, wanting the best for you. As a verb, compassionate, here pronounced "cuhm-PASH-uh-nate," means "pity," as in your ability to compassionate with stray dogs and cats.

7. adaptable means:
a) comparable
b) defensible
c) flexible
d) enjoyable

Something that is adaptable can change to fit its environment, whether that environment is natural or social. The level to which a species is adaptable to changing surroundings is an important factor in the study of evolution.

Let’s look at the Latin word adaptāre, from the root aptus "fitted." The ad- means "to, while the aptare means "join." Since 15th-century medieval French, the word adapt has come to mean "to fit in or adjust." So something adaptable is something that "fits in or adjusts." An example of an adaptable creature is the arctic fox, whose fur changes from dirt-dark in summer to snow-white in winter, to better blend in with its surroundings.

8. Which of the following would most likely be considered a courageous action?
a) conducting a scientific experiment
b) conducting a symphony orchestra
c) performing a rescue mission
d) playing a game of chess

If you are a courageous person, you face danger or stand up against the odds without flinching. Known as "The Man without Fear," Daredevil is regarded as a very courageous superhero.

The adjective courageous derives from the Old French word courage, meaning "heart, innermost feelings, or temper." In fairytales, the courageous knight battles the fire-breathing dragon to save the princess. In recognition of their courageous actions, soldiers who have been wounded or killed while serving are given the Purple Heart medal.

9. exuberant means:
a) lush
b) shadowy
c) solid
d) winding

Are you feeling really happy and enthusiastic about something? Describe yourself with the adjective exuberant!

Exuberant can be traced back to the same Indo-European root that has brought the word udder. If you picture the plentiful amount of milk a cow can give, it is easy to remember that exuberant always describes something that is abundant or plentiful like exuberant foliage. Abundance also comes into play in its primary use today to mean very enthusiastic, full of energy or overjoyed. When the bell rings on the last day of school, you will be exuberant.

10. sympathetic means:
a) fiery
b) kind
c) musical
d) unbelievable

A sympathetic person is one who's motivated by compassion. You can imagine that most of the people who work for the Red Cross are sympathetic types.

In literature and film, the sympathetic character is the one who is likable or who evokes feelings of sympathy from the audience. The sympathetic character in a romantic comedy is probably the romantic male lead who keeps getting ignored by the beautiful women. Eventually, the sympathetic character will get noticed and the leading lady will fall in love with him, then they will live happily ever after.

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