23 de setembro de 2018

Spot the difference - Exercício para praticar inglês (intermediário)

Este é o jovem David em seu banheiro. É sábado de manhã e ele vai jogar futebol. No entanto, algumas coisas são diferentes nas fotos. Quais são? A ou B? Ou ambos? Leia as frases e escreva A, B ou ambos.

1. David is wearing green trainers.
2. He is wearing white socks.
3. He is wearing a white T-shirt with his initial, the letter D, on it.
4. There is a pool of water on the floor, beside the sink.
5. David is smiling because he is happy. He is going to play football and he loves that!
6. He is holding a bar of soap.
7. The bathroom mirror is circular.
8. The tap is on.
9. He is wearing red shorts. These shorts have got a pocket on them.
10. The tap has a green circle on it.
11. The tap has a red circle on it.
12. There are bubbles!
13. The green towel has a red stripe with white spots on it.
14. His dinosaur toothbrush holder is holding a red toothpick.
15. The bathroom tiles are mauve.
16. The towel is over the towel holder.
17. David is wearing plain red shorts and a plain white T-shirt.

Compare and contrast. Here are some examples:

Compare =  the same
David is wearing green trainers in both pictures.

Contrast = different
In Picture A, David has got a bar of soap, but in Picture B, he hasn’t got the soap.
In Picture A, there are some bubbles from the soap, but in Picture B, there aren’t any bubbles.

Write up 3 more contrasting sentences yourself. 

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