28 de outubro de 2018

Halloween - Canada’s scariest haunted houses

Canada is home to some of the most haunted houses in the world, and many of them are open to visitors. Here are the origins of the residents of Canada’s most haunted houses!

The Keg Mansion — Toronto, Ontario

Although today it’s a popular restaurant, The Keg Mansion, located in downtown Toronto, was originally one of the city’s most grand houses. It was first built in 1868 and was purchased by Hart Massey in 1882. If the Massey name sounds familiar, it’s because the family was one well-known in Toronto — they even built Massey Hall, a prestigious entertainment venue!

But in the early 20th century, the building — known as Euclid Hall at the time — was home to a number of tragedies. Today, people claim to have seen or felt a number of ghostly presences. One of the most famous is a small boy who likes to run up and down the mansion’s main staircase. On top of hearing him running, guests have also seen him peering out at them while they eat!

The Marr Residence — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Marr Residence is the oldest building in its original location in all of Saskatoon, and actually predates the founding of the city! In 1885, the house was also used as a field hospital during the North-West Resistance. It’s believed that some of the ghosts may have first come there during its days as a hospital, and never left.
One ghost is said to be an angry man who delights in tormenting any women who visit the house. No one is sure if this ghost was a resident of the house, or was a patient during its hospital days.

Craigdarroch Castle — Victoria, British Columbia

Though it might be slightly smaller than a traditional castle, Craigdarroch Castle is still a very impressive residence. Built by a rich coal baron named Robert Dunsmuir, he unfortunately never got to see it finished, as he died a year before it was completed. Since then, it’s been a residence, a military hospital (sensing a ghostly theme here?) and a college until becoming a museum in 1979, which it still is today. It is said to be home to a number of ghosts, one of the most startling is a piano begins playing with nobody at the keys!

All of these haunted houses are open to the public (though you’ll have to make an appointment to visit the Marr Residence), so if you’re feeling brave and are in the area, check them out! Maybe you’ll run into a former resident…

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