Irregular verbs - exercícios com respostas

Past simple - irregular verbs - exercises with keys
Exercícios sobre passado simples com verbos irregulares
Exercícios sobre passado simples (intermediário)

1. Complete the sentences. Use the past simple.

We go to a different country on holiday.
We see the famous monuments.
We take a lot of photos.
We sleep late every morning.
We eat local food.
We meet some interesting people.
We buy souvenirs to take home.

We went to Greece.
We saw the Parthenon.
We took more than 100 photos.
We slept until ten o’clock.
We ate some Greek salad.
We met a Greek family.
We bought a beautiful vase.

2. Complete the story. Use the past simple of the verbs in brackets.

“ Last week my mother lent me her car and I drove to a nearby town. I parked the car in a side street and I did some shopping. When it was time to go home, I realised that I didn't remember where the car was. I spent about an hour looking for it, but I didn't find it. I felt really stupid. Finally, I rang my mother. Fortunately, she didn't get angry. She told me to leave the car and come home. So I caught a bus and the next day we went back together and found the car.”

3. Complete the conversations. Use the past simple of the verbs in brackets.

A: Where did you put your keys?
B: I think I left them on the table.

A: What time did the concert begin?
B: It began at nine, but some people came late.

A: What did your parents give you for your birthday?
B: A sweater. But my sister didn't give me anything!

A: Where were you yesterday when I called?
B: I was at home, but I didn't hear the phone.

A: How did you break your leg? 
B: I fell off my bike.

A: What did your brother wear to the wedding?
B: He wore a new suit. It cost 500 euros!

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